Why do not we outsource projects overseas?

Given the number of times we have been asked about this subject, and the puzzled looks after we give an answer, here goes an official statement:

akosma software does not outsource its projects.

Against the common opinion of most IT newspapers and blogs, we think there are several reasons to not doing it:

  1. Outsourcing is a modern variant of that old north-south dependency relationship. In the XIXth century it was about cotton, coal or food. These days is about software. But the schema is the same; the north buys cheap goods and services from the south, but the added value remains always in the north. We believe that this state of things is one of the main reasons of the current state of the world; and thus, we prefer to teach the south how to create their own value, rather than selling it to companies who will, in turn, build a name upon your own effort. We think that talking about sustainable development also means refraining from outsourcing.
  2. Making software is our core business. We do not think that outsourcing our core business is a good idea. We have seen many software companies struggle with the management of outsourced projects, and we do not want that. We do not care if you are agile, waterfallish or CMMI level 42.
  3. We work in a close relationship with our clients; we seek their input several times a day, we ask for their feedback continuously, and we insist in having them participate in the development of their products. Working in an outsourcing schema adds a third layer of communication in the whole process, and we do not work well in such situations.

Are we losing money in the process? Sure; but that money would be built upon the effort of others than us. We believe in (and work with) networks of independent peers, providing value at each step of the way: designers, user experience experts, marketing people, creative teams. Not remote companies where the only driving mechanism for the whole relationship is a mere economic advantage.

At akosma software we do not work for others, neither want others to work for us: we work with others, both clients and suppliers, in equal terms. The final product is a joint effort of equal commons. That’s how we see things.

Of course, this is our policy, and your mileage and opinions may differ from ours. Maybe outsourcing works in your case; well, good for you, but it definitely does not fit our values, that’s all.

PS: message to all outsourcing companies and offshoring firms anywhere in the planet; you can stop contacting us (phone, email, etc). We are not going to work with you, for the reasons above. We think you should probably start developing your own products and services rather than selling them to Europe or the USA.