WWDC 2009

I arrived to San Francisco yesterday night, after a dreadful connection in Frankfurt (note to self: to never, ever again book connecting flights with less than 90 minutes in between) and a great flight accross Greenland and Canada. My internal clock insists in saying that I had breakfast at 5 o’clock, but other than that, I feel great, really excited!

That flight, by the way, could have been dubbed the “WWDC Express”, as the number of guys (and gals!) typing code on Xcode was waaaaaay above the average. I had the opportunity to chat with Markus Palmanto from Finland and he showed me his amazing Accordio application! Check it out on the App Store. One of the best music instruments I’ve seen so far on the iPhone - from a great musician, too!

I won’t go through all the fuss and rumors about the next version of the iPhone… but indeed, I’m sure that we’re ready for big surprises tomorrow; for the moment, I know that tonight I’ll be attending sfMacIndie, and tomorrow evening the iPhone Intelligence party; I hope to meet many of you this week!