Since I discovered Ubuntu I’ve been trying to install it in different hardware, in different computers, even in virtual machines, and I just love it. It installs without problems, I can add and remove the coolest productivity and development tools fast and easy, everything is ready to use, and it just feels great.

My latest discovery is Xubuntu. It is basically the same as Ubuntu and Kubuntu, but with the Xfce desktop instead or GNOME or KDE. The nice thing is that I have not had to uninstall Ubuntu: I just typed “sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop” at the command prompt, and 10 minutes later I logged into Xubuntu.

The net result is a sooooooo much faster user experience.

The main machine where I have Xubuntu installed is a rather old G3 iBook that I bought in 2002, with only 256 MB of RAM and 30 GB of hard disk. The machine runs like a charm, but of course with GNOME and KDE there’s a lot of swapping. As soon as I installed the Xfce desktop, things went really faster. I can only recommend using Xubuntu in old machines: the base system only takes 90 MB of RAM, and applications load faster than in GNOME or KDE.

I just love (X)(K)(Ed)Ubuntu :)