You, Founder, and your Secret Agenda

So, dear Founder of a much hyped techno bubble, you want my skills in your company.

Of course. I have been writing code probably for longer than you have been alive. And you believe you have the power to change the world through your… whatever… gizmo that you have just invented. Well, that you have somehow came up with and have hired a team to make it real, and of course it is only your name on the front page of the website.

Let me tell you something, dear nothing: No, I will not work with you. The reasons are various, deep and interesting, and I assume that if you are still reading this article it is precisely because you are interested in learning which are these reasons.

First of all, you are a hypocryte. You do not want to change the world, but actually just to become rich. In the best case, that is. Because in the worst, your hubris tells you that you deserve to dominate the world in some extent. You want to singlehandedly ripe all benefits in some industry, sector, whatever. You want to be filthy rich. You cannot have enough money. But you do not have the technical knowledge to do that, so you temporarily pretend to be my friend so that I can bring your ideas to life.

Hubris. Yes, you might want to check the meaning of that word on a dictionary.

You know why so many industries are disrupted? Not because of good ideas, no. But because good men have let people like you take the lead and dictate the course of history.

As software engineer, I take the conscious decision to stop helping you. I am tired of your hypocrisy. Just do not pretend to be my friend, say openly what your plans are. I do not want your fusball table on the lobby of the hipster neighborhood offices. I do not want your pizza evenings. I do not want your babble about your vision of the world, or any other shit.

Keep that to yourself. And believe me, not only will I avoid working with you, I will do my best to make any decent software engineer to work for you as well.

The time for a conscience change has arrived, and we as a profession we need to stop enabling idiots like you to change the world for the worse.

No, Uber is not making the world a better place. Neither is Nest, Google, Apple or any other big corporation. The only thing Silicon Valley wants is money and, of course, its bastard sibling: power.

Do not ask for a reconsideration or a change of mind. I will fight your idiocy and your hypocrisy with as much energy as I can, waking up the young generations you are trying to convince about some greater good.

There is no greater good. There is only your hubris, hidden beneath a veil of hypocrisy.

You have been warned.