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How to Use Demo Magic

My colleague Tobru recently pointed me to demo-magic, and I now seriously wonder how could I ever do a live demo without this.

Avoid These Things Because Insecure

Avoid all of these things with all your might, beware, don’t even think about it. You know it’s going to hurt. Stay away. You’ve been warned. Pay attention.

Containers and DLL Hell

Back in the 1990s, shared libraries were all the rage. Instead of having to ship a 20 MB *.exe file to your customer in various floppy disks, you could cut some code out, put it in a set of *.dll files, and reuse that code across all your products. Every vendor would then install lots of DLL files in your system, and they would be reused by other apps from the same vendor.


Seeing Twitter becoming the Muskverse was the last straw that took me to revive the Mastodon account I opened in 2017 and leave Twitter for good.

Editorial Kapelusz

One day, on a rainy Saturday evening in the autumn of 1989, I taught myself derivatives and integrals. Yes, I know, I didn’t have many friends back then, talk about peak nerd stuff.

Killer Apps

The D programming language lacked a “killer app” to break through. Another brilliant language suffered from this situation, objectively deserving a much better fate than the one it had; Smalltalk.

The Great Idea of Async Work

As I mentioned last week, I’ve been in this industry for exactly 25 years. I started my journey as a software developer on Monday, October 6th, 1997. I’ve had the opportunity of sitting down and writing code for a living for a quarter of a century!

Running akosma software

As I celebrate 25 years of work as a software developer, I look back at one of the most thrilling and frantic times in my professional life: those five years in which I worked as a freelance professional.

Comments about the AWS Serverless Workshop

Yesterday I attended the AWS Swiss Cloud Day (what a fantastic event!) and participated in the workshop about Serverless computing taught by a very competent team lead by Magdalena Gargas and Scott Gerring.

How to Use a Microphone

At some point in your professional speaking life you will have to hold a dynamic microphone in your hands in front of an audience, just like a rock star. Not only should you be aware that it’s not a pepper mill, there’s a few more things to keep in mind while using them.

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