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Adopting WezTerm

I’ve recently discovered WezTerm, also known as “Wez’s Terminal Emulator” by Wez Furlong, and I’ve adopted it completely, becoming my default terminal application.

Going to Buenos Aires? Here to Help You

What follows is a set of recommendations I always give to those going to Buenos Aires; although there’s very little tango and football (or soccer, if you’re American), as I personally don’t dance (tango or any other dance, really) or play football.

How to Speak, by Patrick Winston

I’ve been recommending this talk a lot lately to people new to the art of speaking, who find themselves all of a sudden boosted to the front stage of an event and in dire need of help.

Fading Into Irrelevance

As technology waves come and go, the names of iconic companies follow the movements, first reaching the pinnacle of their glories, and later fading into irrelevance.

Do You Feel It?

All around me, things are happening at an accelerated pace compared to last year. People I know are changing jobs, taking trips they never thought they’d take, creating new things, starting new ventures, and moving on to new phases in their lives.

The Time of Augmented Imagination

Last year I made a remark about the crazy world we were living in, with “GenAI” this and “AI” that, including some weird experiences. But I have recently decided to bite the bullet and learn more about all this.

The Playlist of 2023

After the list of books and movies, here’s the playlist of the songs I’ve enjoyed the most in 2023, aka the playlist of my life last year, including what Spotify has to say about it. Enjoy!

Shows and Movies of 2023

Last year I published the list of shows and movies I watched or re-watched in 2022. Here is the list of 2023. I do not recommend them all; some of it was great, some was utterly forgettable.

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