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GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab; they are not the only solutions available to share Git repos with your friends and colleagues.


It has been hard for me to think about anything else than the Russian invasion of Ukraine since last week; it is also hard for me to write about it.

Elixir and Phoenix Framework

I’ve been learning a bit about the Elixir programming language lately, and for that I created a small app using the Phoenix Framework.

Technology Wars

There’s been plenty of technology wars in the software industry. Here’s a list of those that I got to witness in the past 25 years.

Epic Trailer Songs

Have you noticed how many movie trailers lately feature classic songs (from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s) remastered in some kind of “Epic” mode?

Open Letter to SaaS Apps

Dear SaaS app developer, entrepreneur, marketer, CEO, etc; here’s a tip: don’t annoy users, particularly those who have paid accounts.

Text Editors for Work

There has been a particular text editor that defined each period of my career as a software developer.

The Argentine Brain Drain

Argentina is currently experiencing a brain drain so strong that it made the headlines on Swiss television.

We Are Family

Here is one of the most blatant lies I’ve heard in my professional career, and sadly, I’ve heard it at quite a few jobs: “We are a family”.

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