Presenter Terms

I am happy that you are interested in me speaking at your event. I am a professional presenter with 18 years of public speaking experience, and 20 years of training experience. Therefore I want to make sure that there is no misconception about what I expect and deliver.

Personal Information

My old Twitter account is deprecated and must not be used.

Noteworthy Videos

In case you are interested in seeing me in action, here are some talks I liked:

  • "Introduction to K3s", webinar, September 2021 (video and slides)

  • "Reusing Apps between Teams and Environments through Containers", WeAreDevelopers Container Day, February 2021 (website, video, speech, and slides).

  • "A Decade of iPhone & iOS in 40 minutes", closing keynote at UIKonf, Berlin, Germany, May 2018 (video and speech).

  • "Being a Developer at 40", AppBuilders, Zürich, Switzerland, April 2016 (video, slides, and speech).

There is a full list of talks here.

Presenter Bio

Adrian Kosmaczewski is a software expert with over 27 years of experience. He is a published author, trainer, and speaker. He has written many books about software development and has shipped cloud, mobile, and desktop apps since 1996. Adrian holds a Master in Information Technology from the University of Liverpool.

I Am Available For…

  • ✓ Keynotes

  • ✓ Talks

  • ✓ Workshops

  • ✓ Panels

  • ✓ Moderation

  • ✓ Video series

Subjects I Cover

  • ✓ Cloud Native tech

  • ✓ Development tools

  • ✓ Programming languages

  • ✓ History of computing

  • ✓ Software development methodologies and culture

  • ✓ Developer relations

  • ✓ Careers in tech

Languages I Speak Fluently

  • ✓ English

  • ✓ Spanish

  • ✓ French

Show Stoppers

I know it is hard to organise events, so I want to make sure that we are on the same level. Here is a list of things that I will not do.

  • I will not present at a panel or a conference line-up with an obvious lack of diversity. Our audience comes in all shapes and sizes, so should the experts on stage.

  • I expect the conference to have an enforced code of conduct.

  • I don’t "pay to play". As a presenter, I expect full access to the event.

  • I don’t deal with sponsorships of the event and I am not interested in sponsored speaking slots.

  • I have a list of people I will not present alongside and I refuse to present at events that have certain sponsors. I will flag that up to you when that is the case.

  • I don’t use Macs or Windows PCs.

  • I don’t use Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

  • I don’t use standard presentation software such as PowerPoint, Keynote, or similar.

  • I will not style my presentation slides following the template of your event.

Delivery At Your Event

Here’s what I will do when invited as a presenter at your event.

  • Be in permanent contact with the conference team. I will notify you of my arrival at the conference center, city, or hotel, and I will give you my personal details (email, phone, WhatsApp, Telegram, & Signal) for you to contact me at any time. I will have a working mobile phone connection for you to reach me whenever you are in the world (unless I’m on board of a flight, of course.)

  • Deliver a fitting talk for the intended audience. I tend to deliver a unique talk every time I can and it will be an up-to-date talk.

  • Deliver the talk on time and sticking to the defined format and duration. I need to know what time frame you expect and what format you want it to be in. I will show up at the times you need me to be there and set up on stage with enough time for AV people to wire up microphones and other equipment. I will have rehearsed my talk and I’ll be sure about the time required to deliver it.

  • Be available for conference attendees. Conferences to me are more about the people than about the content. Therefore I will try to be there for questions and feedback.

  • Be available for other promotional parts of the event. I am happy to do interviews or give you feedback to use in conference wrap-ups

  • Promote my presence at your event. I will toot on Mastodon and blog before, during, and after the event about what my presentation, interesting things I see, and people I meet.

  • Publish my slides and screen recording after my talk. If there is a good enough connection, this normally happens right after the presentation. I publish my slides on Speaker Deck. If needed, feel free to download them from Speaker Deck (in PDF format) and show them in your website.

Because I use the Lessig (or Takahashi) Presentation Method, my slides usually just show a single word, and image, or a code snippet, without any text or title. For this reason, downloadable PDF slides include the speaker notes, with the full contents of my speech, for immediate reference.

My Setup

I am pretty open to different ways of presenting, but here is my perfect setup:

  • ✓ I like to use my own computer as I have them set up the way I need and there may be coding examples.

  • ✓ I use a 10th generation Lenovo X1 Carbon laptop running Fedora Linux 38. It has a built-in HDMI port. I haven’t had any issues connecting various Linux laptops to projectors, TVs, or other similar devices in the past 5 years.

  • ✓ I use my own Logitech clicker.

  • ✓ I only send slides in advance in PDF format when there is live translation or signing. Then I will also have a list of terms to translate and put some time aside with the translators to go through the deck.

If I need to use a central computer instead of mine, please consider the following:

  • ✓ My slides are in HTML and 16:9 format. I will have them on a memory stick with the needed fonts. I can provide a PDF if needed.

  • ✓ I don’t use any audio in my slides, but some GIF animations or video might be useful sometimes.

  • ✓ I normally use speaker notes, and I bring my own clicker. If possible, I appreciate having a "nanny screen" where I can see my slide notes instead of having to refer to the screen behind me. If this is not possible, I use my own laptop screen as one.

My Expectations

I am a professional presenter, and will do a lot to ensure that the event will be a success. As such, I have a few expections I want met:

  • Provide me with a prime speaking slot. I’ve proven to be a good keynote (in particular, closing keynote) speaker and find interesting topics to open or close conferences.

  • Deliver a professional stage setup. I bring my own laptop and connectors, but I expect at least a power plug and a microphone. I am very good with audio engineers but I am not there to fix audio issues or set up projectors. I expect this to work and be available. I normally don’t need an internet connection, but would love to know in advance whether one will be available at the event.

  • Record and publish my talk. Recordings are a great advertisement for your conference and I make sure my presentations make sense without being in the room. My slides contain the full speech, so they can be consumed without watching the video.

  • Keep me out of sponsorship discussions. I am at your event to present technical subjects. I will not "pay to play" and I won’t speak at sponsored speaking slots. I am happy to provide you with contacts of who to invite instead. I am also happy to introduce you to company colleagues dealing with sponsorships, but this is not - at all - what I do. If you are looking for a corporate sponsoring to sell speaking slots, please don’t contact me.

Costs, Payments, Expenses

I am in the lucky position that I have a job that allows me to present. That doesn’t mean though that I want to be a "cheaper" option and stand in the way of people who live off presenting.

  • I don’t expect to be paid for my presentations if your conference helps me in my work. However, to ensure I don’t under-bid peers, I’d like conferences to offer free diversity tickets for the value of a speaker fee instead.

  • If possible, I’d like you to cover my travel and hotel. I need to be able to concentrate on your event. I can not do so if I need to find lodging and organise travel in addition to presenting. I don’t expect first class or business class flights, but I do expect to arrive a day before the event and leave the day after with lodging organised in between. I don’t want to book and pay myself and get reimbursed.

There are always options to discuss about these things. I’m a reasonable person and if you spend your time creating a great event where money isn’t your main goal, we’ll find a way to work things out.

When Things Go Wrong…

Even with the best intentions, there may be trouble and I might not be available for your event. You may also change your mind. If that happens, here’s what I want to happen.

  • ✓ Please provide the contact details (email, phone, WhatsApp, Telegram, & Signal) of a contact person in your team in advance, so that I can notify them of such events. I don’t want to dive into your website to find such information in case of emergency.

  • ✓ When I can not attend for some reason or another, I will try to find a replacement presenter to fill in for me. I cannot guarantee this, however.

  • ✓ When for some reason you decide to slash my speaking slot, I expect you to cover any cost incurred so far, particularly if I booked other appointments around your event that aren’t refundable.

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This page is shamelessly copied inspired by Christian Heilmann’s own speaking terms.