Adrian Kosmaczewski

Adrian Kosmaczewski is an accomplished developer relations specialist, a published writer, and a software developer with 25 years of professional experience. He has published several books about software development, and has shipped apps on the cloud, on mobile devices, and on the desktop.

49 years old • Swiss National •

Languages: French & Spanish (mother tongues), English (C2), German (B2), Italian (C1)

Resume: (also in PDF, MS Word & LibreOffice formats)

Recent Experience


Since May 2019: Developer Relations, specialized in the Kubernetes and OpenShift market. Author, podcast host, speaker, panel moderator, and organizer of various technology-related events. In charge of internal and external documentation projects.


January 2018 – August 2018: Senior Software Engineer developing mobile app and cloud solutions for various clients (Swiss Air Lines, Swisscom, Swyx, Schindler) in iOS and .NET Core.


June 2016 – December 2017: Freelance Trainer for mobile software developers.


Professional experience since 1997:

Developer Relations Experience


Documentation: product owner and co-author of the VSHN Handbook, Knowledge Base, VSHN Control Panel Help System, APPUiO Cloud Documentation, Project Syn, and K8up.

Newsletter: “VSHN.timer” – a weekly newsletter about Kubernetes, OpenShift, CI/CD and DevOps, since August 2019.

Magazine: “De Programmatica Ipsum” – a monthly publication about human issues around software engineering, since October 2018.

Reports: “DevOps in Switzerland” Reports 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023.

Helper tools: “Docgen” and “Markup Converter” – applications for internal use at VSHN, built with TypeScript and Bootstrap.

Tools: Asciidoctor, Antora, Markdown, Pandoc, LaTeX, Hugo.


“Mobile JavaScript Application Development” – O’Reilly, 2012.

“Sencha Touch: Up and Running” – O’Reilly, 2013.

“Android for iOS Developers – Kotlin Edition 2018” – self published, 2017.

“Tales Of Editors & Keyboards: A Personal Introduction To Vim & Emacs” – self published, 2018.


Co-organizer and host of the Cloud Native Computing Switzerland meetup group. Organization of 4 meetings every year, coordination with sponsors, evaluation of speech proposals.

Exoscale Ambassador (2023)


“Microservices or Not? Your Team has Already Decided” – speech at the Bundesamt für Informatik und Telekommunikation, Bern, Switzerland, November 2021.

“A Decade of iPhone & iOS in 40 minutes” at UIKonf 2018, Berlin, Germany, May 2018.

“Developer Guide to Migrate Accross Galaxies” at App Builders 2017, Lausanne, Switzerland.

“Being A Developer After 40” at App Builders 2016, Zürich, Switzerland; Mobile Developer Summit 2016, Bangalore, India; MiXiT 2017, Lyon, France.

Speaking experience since 2006: full details at; presentation slides on Speaker Deck; speech transcripts at


Producer of the weekly podcast “VSHN.timer” from October 2020 to March 2021.

Tools: OBS Studio, Kdenlive, Audacity, iMovie.


“Monitoring Applications in APPUiO Cloud” – tutorial showing how to use Pushover, Prometheus, and Grafana on a shared Red Hat OpenShift cluster.

“Sample containerized applications” – written in 20 programming languages for the APPUiO Cloud “Getting Started” guide.

“Getting Started with Project Syn” – getting started guide for the Project Syn suite of tools, including video.

“Getting started with K8up” – getting started guide for the K8up Kubernetes backup operator for K3s, Minikube, and Exoscale SKS.

“Backing up Kubernetes Clusters with K8up” – getting started guide for the K8up Kubernetes backup operator.

Co-author of the DevSecOps Poster.

Software Engineering Experience


Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift, Amazon Web Services, GitOps.

Serverless: Knative, OpenFaaS, Fission.

CI/CD: GitHub Actions, Argo CD, GitLab, Jenkins, TeamCity.


Rust, Go, Python, Java, F#, C#, TypeScript, PHP, C++, Ruby, Kotlin.

Relational database engines: SQL Server, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite.

Backend: Actix, Quarkus, Flask, Sinatra, Slim, ASP.NET Core, Express.

IDEs: Visual Studio Code, Vim, Emacs, JetBrains suite.

Mobile Apps: iOS, Android, Web. Published apps:

Open Source

Conway: (2017-) An implementation of Conway’s Game of Life in 25 programming languages.

Active Record: (2021-) An implementation of the Active Record pattern in Rust.

Kroki Diagram Previewer: (2019-2020) Visual Studio Code extension for previewing diagrams with Kroki.

SwiftMoment: (2015-2017) A time and calendar manipulation library for iOS 9, macOS, tvOS, & watchOS written in Swift.

nib2objc: (2008-2012) Set of tools and utilities (command line, GUI, Mac Service) to transform NIB files for the iPhone into Objective-C code files. Featured in Ars Technica and several publications.

Education & Certifications


Master of Science in Information Technology with a specialization in Software Engineering, University of Liverpool, 2006-2008. Graduated with distinction. Thesis: “Cross-platform UML editor in C++.”


Digital Marketing Certificate Program, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, 2022.


Red Hat Sales Specialist - Red Hat Certified Cloud and Service Provider (CCSP), 2022.

Red Hat Sales Engineer Specialist - Platform, 2022

Red Hat Sales Engineer Specialist - Cloud-Native Development, 2022

GitLab Sales Core Verified Associate – 2021


LFS258: Kubernetes Fundamentals, The Linux Foundation, 2022

LFD259: Kubernetes for Developers, The Linux Foundation, 2022

Master the Mainframe Level 2, IBM, 2020


Mathematics for Machine Learning: Linear Algebra, Multivariate Calculus. Imperial College London, 2019.


Crafting an Effective Writer: Tools of the Trade (Fundamental English Writing). Mt. San Jacinto College, 2014. With distinction.


Certified Scrum Master, Scrum Alliance, 2010–2012.


More at