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Memories of WWDC 2008

Exactly 15 years ago, on Monday, June 9th, 2008, I published a blog post with a picture taken in the big room of the Moscone conference center in San Francisco, waiting for Steve Jobs to introduce the iPhone 3G to the world at the annual Apple World Wide Developers’ Conference 2008.

Running akosma software

As I celebrate 25 years of work as a software developer, I look back at one of the most thrilling and frantic times in my professional life: those five years in which I worked as a freelance professional.

Shutting Down

After 5 years, akosma is shutting down its operations completely.

Praise for "Sencha Touch 2 Up and Running"

jasonou: A very good book on Sencha Touch. This book covers various important topics.

New Swiss Conference: GOTO Zürich!

We are proud to participate in the first GOTO Zürich for Developers + GOTO Zürich For Leaders Conferences as one of the sponsors!

New Swiss Training Calendar 2012

We are very glad to announce new dates for our Post PC trainings in Switzerland!

Announcing my second book: "Sencha Touch 2 Up and Running"

This is the official announcement of my second book, “Sencha Touch 2 Up and Running”, available for sale in print and in DRM-free electronic formats (PDF, ePub, Kindle, etc.

Retrospective 2012

Just like in 2010 and 2011, here goes a small recapitulation of the main events that happened in akosma software during 2012; another great year with incredible achievements, and a bright future ahead.

Dropping support for iOS 5 and older

Just like last year, this year too we announce that all of our future projects will only be compatible with iOS 6 from now on.

Cross-Platform Mobile Web Application Development Training in London

We are very happy to announce the first edition of the Cross-Platform Mobile Web Application Development Training in London!

Praise for "Mobile JavaScript Application Development"

Si Dunn, at Books, Books & More (New) Books: His book is divided into seven well-written chapters.

Mobile JavaScript Application Development Book Launch Event in South Africa

I’m very glad to announce that our friends of [immedia] in Durban, South Africa, will be hosting a launch event for our latest book “Mobile JavaScript Application Development”!

Mobile App Dev Training in South Africa

Just like in October 2011 and February 2012, we’ll be back in South Africa the next 3 weeks, for a whole series of mobile application trainings organized jointly by immedia and akosma software!

Introducing the Lausanne Cathedral iPhone Applications!

We are thrilled to announce the immediate availability of the Lausanne Cathedral iPhone application on the App Store, in French, English and German!

Announcing my first book: "Mobile JavaScript Application Development"

Today I’m announcing my first book, “Mobile JavaScript Application Development”, available for sale in print and in DRM-free electronic formats (PDF, ePub, Kindle, etc.

Attending WWDC 2012

Next week I’ll be attending the 2012 edition of WWDC in San Francisco!

SwissJeese 2012 Slides, Code and Pics

Last Saturday took place the first edition of SwissJeese in Bern!

Talking at SwissJeese 2012

I’m very proud and happy to announce that tomorrow I’ll be talking in the first edition of SwissJeese!

A Mobile Developer Lab the Size of a Country!

Last week we attended with Bertrand Dufresne the 2012 edition of Mobilism in Amsterdam, an awesome event set up by many great people, among them Peter-Paul Koch, Stephen Hay and Krijn Hoetmer.

Introducing the Henri Dès iPhone App: La Radio HD!

We are extremely happy to announce the immediate availability of the Henri Dès iPhone application on the App Store.

This week: Mobilism 2012 Amsterdam

This week we are very happy to announce that will be attending the 2012 edition of Mobilism Amsterdam organized by Peter-Paul Koch (of QuirksMode fame), Krijn Hoetmer and Stephen Hay!

Our Open Source Projects

A quick reminder of our most popular open source projects on Github:

Introducing the Teaching Editor

We are very happy to introduce our latest open source project: the Teaching Editor.

Getting the Next and the Previous NSIndexPath Instances

Very often, when you work with UITableViewControllers driven by NSFetchedResultsControllers, that you want to get the “previous” or the “next” elements in the results controller.

Formation de Développement d'Applications Web Mobiles à Genève

Après le succès des éditions de Zürich et Afrique du Sud, nous sommes ravis de présenter la première édition du cours de développement d’applications web mobiles à Genève, en français!

Third Edition of the Mobile Web Training in Zürich

Simplificator and akosma software are thrilled to announce the third edition of our successful three day training about mobile web app development using jQuery Mobile, Sencha Touch and PhoneGap in Zürich on May 16th, 17th and 18th!

Vidéo de la Présentation de Sencha Touch 2

Voici la vidéo de la présentation de Adrian à propos de Sencha Touch 2, lors de la réunion du groupe JavaScript Genève le 28 mars dernier.

Tonight in Geneva: Introduction to Sencha Touch 2

Tonight Adrian will be presenting Sencha Touch 2 to a select group of JavaScript fanatics!

Swiss App Awards 2012 Winners!

We proudly present the winners of Swiss App Awards 2012:

Tonight is Swiss App Awards 2012 Night!

We are thrilled to remember you that tonight will be held the ceremony of the first Swiss App Awards!

Mobile Web Training in Zürich!

This week we will be in Zürich, giving the second edition of our three day long mobile web training in partnership with Simplificator!

This week: QCon London 2012!

This week, akosma software will be in London hosting the Cross-Platform Mobile Track of QCon London 2012!

Swiss App Awards Nominees!

The jury of the Swiss App Awards has just published the official list of nominees in each category!

GOTO Copenhagen 2012: Call for Speakers!

I am very happy to announce that I will be the host of the Mobile Technologies: Native + Web track of GOTO Copenhagen 2012!

Mobile Web Training in Zürich Once Again!

Simplificator and akosma software are thrilled to announce the second edition of our successful three day training about mobile web app development using jQuery Mobile, Sencha Touch and PhoneGap in Zürich on March 14th, 15th and 16th!

QCon London 2012: Cross-Platform Mobile Track Announcement!

The Cross-Platform Mobile Track of QCon London 2012 is ready to be announced!

Determining Delegate Object Method Call Order in Objective-C with NSProxy

This is a guest post + code, wrote together with Joe D’Andrea from LiquidJoe LLC!

How we work

We have been in business for quite a few years, and we have found out several things that work and other that don’t in our activities.

Swiss App Awards: Don't Forget!

The deadline of the Swiss App Awards is approaching! Don’t forget to submit your application using the form before January 15th!

Wordle 2012

Just like last year, here goes the Wordle cloud generated with the most important tags in this blog for 2011!

Trainings 2012: Advanced iOS, Mobile Web Apps and Node.js

We are thrilled to announce new training sessions in Switzerland and South Africa this year:

Retrospective 2011

2011 was another terrific year for akosma software, a year of growth, surprise, learning, teaching, and travel.

More Mobile Application Training in South Africa

Just like last October I’ll be back in South Africa next February, for a whole series of mobile application trainings organized jointly by immedia and akosma software!

Announcing EERV cal, an iPhone, Android and Web Application!

We are ecstatic to announce the general availability of the EERV cal mobile application, created with Sencha Touch and PhoneGap, and available as an HTML5 web application, and also on the App Store and the Android Market!

Swiss App Awards 2012: Submit your app now!

I’m honored to announce that I will be part of the jury of the next Swiss App Awards 2012, to be held in Zürich, on January 27th, 2012!

Student application on the App Store: TroisXRien

Remember Sudokulus? It’s the application created by one of my students in a previous training.

QCon London 2012: Call for Papers in the Cross-Platform Mobile Track

Just like last year, I am thrilled to announce that I will be the host of the Cross Platform Mobile track in QCon London 2012!

Interview on the Swiss TV

In the context of the French-speaking Swiss television program “TTC” (“All Taxes Included”) Adrian has been interviewed about mobile applications and the economics around it.

News for this week: Training + Interview

This week we have exciting news to announce! The mobile web training in Zürich we prepared with Invisible GmbH / Simplificator GmbH has SOLD OUT!

Attending SenchaCon 2011

We are very happy to announce that next week we will be attending SenchaCon 2011, the most important event of the year around the Sencha frameworks.

Article in Cominmag

The October issue of Cominmag includes an article in French by akosma software about the new shape of the mobile market in Switzerland, check it out!

Mobile Development with jQuery, Sencha and PhoneGap, 15-17 November 2011

Invisible GmbH and akosma software are thrilled to announce their latest collaboration: a three day training about mobile web app development using jQuery, Sencha Touch and PhoneGap!

Mobile Application Training in South Africa

The next two weeks I will be giving an extensive set of mobile application trainings in South Africa, organized jointly by immedia and akosma software!

"jQuery Mobile: multiplatform mobile webapps" by Maximiliano Firtman!

Invisible GmbH and akosma software are thrilled and excited to present the talk “jQuery Mobile: multiplatform mobile webapps” by Maximiliano Firtman at Hub Zürich on Friday, October 21st at 18h, with the sponsorship of /ch/open.

Announcing the swissinfo iPhone Application!

We are thrilled to announce the general availability of version 2.

Senbei 1.3 hits the App Store!

Our application Senbei has been updated to version 1.3! Senbei is the iPhone client of the popular Fat Free CRM application by Michael Dvorkin, written in Ruby on Rails.

Notitas 2.0: A Major Milestone!

Notitas 2.0 has been approved during the weekend, and is available in the App Store!

RooiFonts 1.1 in the App Store!

The update frenzy continues! This is a long due update, one that we have been pushing back for a while; finally, RooiFonts 1.

A Proposed Architecture for Network-Bound iOS Apps

One of my most popular answers in StackOverflow is the one I gave to the following question: “What is the best architecture for an iOS application that makes many network requests?

bluewoki 2.0 Hits the App Store!

Version 2.0 of our flagship application bluewoki has been approved (in less than half a day!

A Shift In The Market Towards Mobile Web Apps

Mobile apps are hardly something new these days. Mobile app stores are ubiquitous, and download and “number of apps” stats do not matter anymore.

Dropping support for iPhone OS 3.x

Given our strong focus on iOS, and also to be sure to be economically competitive, we are continuously watching the market to know which OS version is used by the many potential users of the apps we make.

Speaking at the Mobile Developer Summit in Bangalore

I am thrilled to announce that I will be speaking at the Mobile Developer Summit in Bangalore, India, on November 2-3!

Why do not we outsource projects overseas?

Given the number of times we have been asked about this subject, and the puzzled looks after we give an answer, here goes an official statement:

More about our new graphic identity

The great work of >moser is also proudly displayed in the graphic work they’ve done for us, far beyond the logo; check out these images, and also a surprise at the end of this post!

Useful 3rd Party Extensions to CoreTextWrapper

Our CoreTextWrapper project in Github is certainly popular! Many developers have told us that they find it easier to approach Core Text using it, providing an easy learning path, showing the key concepts with an easy-to-use example.

Student application on the App Store: Sudokulus

Remember the advanced training session I’ve given back in February? Well, today I’ve had the nicest of surprises when Pieter Muller, one of the students that attended it, sent me the link (and a complimentary promo code!

New Visual Identity

We are thrilled to unveil the new visual identity of akosma software, a pure product of the incredible technique and art of moser!

Interview in the Bolivian TV

In the context of the event organized by CAINCO in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, on Thursday, June 16th, we were invited to be interviewed in the TV program “No Mentirás” (“You will not lie”) of the PAT network, in the evening of Wednesday 15th.

Article in the SonntagsZeitung: "Die neuen Schweizer Macher"

The SonntagsZeitung, the most widely read Sunday newspaper in Switzerland, features today an article + infographic about Swiss developers making mobile applications, and akosma software is featured (among many other friends and peers) together with the swissinfo iPad app!

Resumen del Foro de Tecnología de CAINCO

(Para el comunicado de prensa original, siga este link) Foro de tecnología de CAINCO:

Foro de Tecnologia en Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, el 16 de junio

El 16 de junio tendré el privilegio y el honor de exponer a propósito de aplicaciones móviles en el Foro de Tecnologia “24/7 al alcance de tus clientes” que se llevará a cabo en los edificios de la CAINCO en Santa Cruz de la Sierra, en Bolivia.

"Introduction to iOS Software Development" Video on InfoQ!

The “Introduction to iOS Software Development” session, part of the mobile track at QCon London 2011 last March, including the full one-hour long video & slides, is available at the InfoQ site!

immedia: the leader mobile solutions provider in South Africa

akosma software was born with the dual objective of providing world-class software solutions and technical advice to companies, all over the world.

Presentation at OOP 2011

This is the presentation I’ve given in the OOP Conference 2011 in München, Germany: “Introduction to iOS Software Development”.

Presentation at QCon London 2011

This is the presentation I’ve given in QCon London 2011: “Introduction to iOS Software Development”

Presentations at SDC 2011

These are the presentations I’ve given at the Scandinavian Developer Conference 2011 in Göteborg, Sweden: “Integrating iOS Applications with Backend REST Services” and “Mobile Web Rising”.

Talking at the Scandinavian Developer Conference 2011

Next week I’ll be speaking at the Scandinavian Developer Conference 2011!

Smart Pointers in Objective-C++

One of the coolest features of C++ are templates, of which I’ve been drooling in the past.

New Address

Update your address books! akosma software is moving to a new address:

nib2objc Featured on The Changelog

nib2objc has been featured recently in The Changelog, a blog about open source projects:


Word cloud created with Wordle.

Advanced iOS 4.2 Training Course – Zürich, February 7th and 8th 2011 – Enroll now!

akosma software is happy to announce the Advanced iOS 4.2 Training Course jointly organized with Trifork GmbH.

Conferences 2011: OOP, QCon and SDC

2011 has just started and we already have a couple of exciting news: we are humbled and thrilled to announce our participation in some awesome conferences throughout Europe!

Retrospective 2010

2010 is coming to an end, and it was an excellent year for akosma software!

Parmigiani Fleurier iPhone Application

akosma software is proud to announce the new and exclusive Parmigiani Fleurier iPhone application, developed in collaboration with RGB Productions.

swissinfo.ch iPad application

We are thrilled and extremely proud to announce a new iPad application: this time is swissinfo.

Talking at the EPFL Today

Today at 1400 CET Adrian will be talking at the world-famous Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), giving an introduction to iOS development to students.

Le Temps Sortir Dîner Universal Application

We are proud to announce a new iOS application: this time is Sortir Dîner, an elegant and useful iOS universal application for the Swiss newspaper Le Temps, working on the iPhone, the iPad and the iPod touch, developed jointly by akosma software and Trifork Switzerland GmbH, and featuring a gorgeous, exclusive design by the Geneva-based Bontron agency.

Article dans com.in Magazine

Le 7 septembre dernier, à Zurich, s’est tenu “Mobile App Stores”, un colloque à propos des plus importants systèmes de distribution de software pour téléphones mobiles.

How knowing C and C++ can help you write better iPhone apps, part 1

While learning how to write iOS applications, you will often encounter the phrase “learn C first”.

QCon London 2011: Call for Papers in the Mobile Track

I am honored to announce that I will be taking part in QCon London 2011, but this time not as a speaker, but as host of the mobile track!

Soft-Shake 2010

Voici l’annonce officielle de la conference Soft-Shake 2010: Agilité, iPhone et Java voilà les trois thèmes de la conférence Soft-Shake qui se tiendra pour la toute première fois le 18 octobre 2010 à Genève.

Integrating iOS Applications with Backend REST Services

A couple of hours ago I finished my presentation at JAOO, a discussion of what I’ve learnt about integrating REST services in iOS apps while creating the iPhoneWebServicesClient project at Github.

JAOO Workshop: Building your first iPhone Application

This morning I’ve had the immense pleasure of guiding many students in Århus, Denmark, in taking their first steps with iOS, the iPhone, Xcode and Interface Builder.

Dezeen Watchstore Web App

Another day of announcements at akosma software: this time, a fruitful and fun collaboration with Zerofee to create a dynamic visual identity for the Dezeen Watchstore, and their Dezeen Watchstore iPhone & iPad Web Application (best viewed with Safari on iOS, iPhone & iPad!

Mnesia iPhone Application

akosma software is proud (again) to announce another partnership to create a new application: this time is Mnesia, a cool iPhone application developed jointly with Trifork Switzerland GmbH and Keith Bingman, an extraordinary designer from Zurich!

Danske Bank iPhone Application

akosma software is proud and honored to announce a joint collaboration with Trifork Switzerland GmbH and Trifork A/S in the development of the Danske Bank iPhone Application.

JAOO 2010

It’s that time of the year again: JAOO 2010 is getting closer, with sessions and workshops from Sunday October 3rd to Friday 8th.

Migrating iPhone 3.x apps to iPad and iOS 4.0

Right now, creating Universal Applications for the iPod touch, the iPhone and the iPad is not really a straightforward task.

A nicer cortito, courtesy of Zerofee

Those who follow me on Twitter are certainly aware of my endless sequence of shared links, some of them shortened using the akos.

More nib2objc fun

There are many things that I wanted to do with nib2objc since day one, but of course sometimes you just don’t have the time to implement them all.

nib2objc updated

I’ve just committed version 1.2 of nib2objc to Github with the following enhancements:

Making of digital2.0

This is the video shot by the amazing team of VPS prod while we were working on the application.

digital2.0 iPad Application

This is a very special blog post to introduce our latest project, a unique collaboration between moser, a brand and design specialist, VPS prod, an award-winning video production company, and akosma software:

Core Text Objective-C Wrapper

One of the most promising and mysterious new frameworks introduced in iOS 3.

"Dev Day for iPhone" sur Le Temps

«Face à cette demande, il manque des développeurs pour iPhone en Suisse.

Rezonance First: Panorama et enjeux du marché des applications iPhone

Voici les slides de la présentation que j’ai donné hier dans le cadre du Rezonance First “Applications iPhone: il est temps de s’y mettre!

Applications iPhone: il est temps de s'y mettre!

Le prochain mercredi 16 juin j’aurai le privilège de partager la scène avec Marco Scheurer de Sen:te, Surane Ragavan de abonobo, et Bertrand Baeriswyl lors du séminaire First “Applications iPhone: il est temps de s’y mettre!

WWDC 2010

Folks, it’s that time of the year once again: WWDC 2010 is around the corner!

Objective-C Categories as Stylesheets

It is very important that iPhone and iPad applications use visual styles in a coherent way.

initWithContentsOfURL: Methods Considered Harmful

As I promised on Twitter, here’s a small discussion about the problems brought by the “initWithContentsOfURL:” family of methods.

How to buy iPad apps outside of the US

So you flew and bought an iPad, you live outside of the US, and you would like to buy iBooks, Pages, Numbers and Keynote (as well as many other amazing apps) from your own country, huh?

Le Potecast 21

La semaine dernière j’ai eu l’immense plaisir de partager un moment de fun avec l’équipe déjantée du Potecast!

Mobile Advertising, by Edipresse

Yesterday I attended this month’s Mobile Monday meeting in Bern, and among all the presentations, the best ones (in my opinion, they were outstanding) were those of Nicholas Heller from Google and Marc Lamarche from Edipresse.

Interview by iPhoneDevSuisse

Last Wednesday I was interviewed by Junior from the iPhone and iPad Dev Group website (@iPhoneDevSuisse in Twitter).

First iPads in Switzerland!

Queuing in front of the Fifth Avenue Apple Store, 767 Fifth Avenue, New York City, Saturday at 0515:

iPad for Developers Presentation

This is the presentation about the new features in iPhone OS 3.

CulturePod.ch: Interview of Adrian Kosmaczewski by Thierry Weber

Adrian Kosmaczewski, the CEO of akosma software talks to the microphone of CulturePod.

Application iPhone ThierryWeber.com

Vous aussi vous hésitez ? Vous vous posez des questions du genre “devrais-je m’y mettre ?

iPhone Apps Development in Berne @ the University

Apple Switzerland just sent the following e-mail, which, I was informed, can be publicly disclosed.

akosma software is hiring

Due to unprecedented growth, akosma software is hiring. Here’s what we offer: A full-time position as a partner software developer (for the moment, just one, but stay tuned).

Why Some Analysts Don't Get The iPad (Yet)

A couple of days ago I’ve forwarded this article on The Apple Blog to a friend of mine: “Why Apple’s iPad Can’t Succeed in Schools (Yet)”, by Liam Cassidy.

iPhone and iPad Developer Contest: win an iPad!

As a part of the DevDay for iPhone in London and Geneva you will have the chance to win one of three iPads!

Senbei, a Fat Free CRM iPhone Client

I’m a happy user of Fat Free CRM by Michael Dvorkin.

Mobile Marketing: Branding Seminar in Zürich – Save 15%!

Aberla is organizing a Mobile Marketing & Branding Seminar in Zürich, on Tuesday, April 27th, 2010, from 1300 to 1800, at the Renaissance Hotel, Thurgauerstrasse 101, Zurich.

The Dawn of Couch Computing

I haven’t blogged about the iPad until now on purpose; I wanted to let the waters calm down, as January’s announcement was certainly one that left nobody indifferent.

iPhone Dev Day in Geneva on April 28th

Those of you who have been following me for long might remember an article I wrote in my personal blog two years ago (in French, translated here):

Skills Matter Presentation

Yesterday’s presentation in the Skills Matter meeting is available in Slideshare!

nib2objc featured in Softpedia

As the title suggests: check out the official nib2objc page in Softpedia!

Talking at the Skills Matter Meeting in London Next Week

Preparing the path for the amazing iPhone Dev Days 2010 in April, next week I’ll be giving some tips and tricks about iPhone development, in London!

EasyTableView for iPhone Prototyping

Our first blog post of 2010 presents a tool that we’ve been using internally and that might be useful for other people.

Kevin Smith iPhone Application

I’ve just been notified by the nice guys from DenVog that the Kevin Smith iPhone application includes code from my Asynchronous UITableView sample, posted earlier this year.

Mention on Patrice Neff's blog

“Yahoo! Blueprint for mobile sites” in Patrice Neff’s blog. The past few days I created a mobile site for Memonic.

Season's Greetings

Whenever you are, whichever language you speak akosma software wishes you happiness and health for 2010!

10 Things Every iPhone App Designer Should Know

Design is a fundamental part of iPhone app development. It is, without any doubt, the difference between a crappy and a great application.

Reducing the Carbon Footprint

From the beginning, akosma software was created with the objective of providing its customers with high quality software in different platforms.

Upcoming Conferences: SDC in Göteborg and iPhone Dev Days in London

2010 will be for akosma software, without any doubt, the year of the conference.

Siegfried Ceballos: The Idea Detective

Siegfried Ceballos, the “idea detective” (@ideadetective on Twitter), is publishing an interesting series of short videos, asking people about the estimated percentage of ideas they are able to actually bring to reality.

Webtuesday: Mobile App Frameworks

I had great fun yesterday at Liip‘s offices, during the monthly Webtuesday meeting.

Two conferences and one training

This week I will spend a good deal of time in one of my preferred cities: Zürich.

Premier Chapitre Android Application

akosma software is proud to announce the availability of PremierChapitre for Android in the Android Market.


I am a big WordPress fan. And I do not suffer from the NIH syndrome.

iPhone Training in Zürich

Trifork AG and akosma software are organizing a one-day, 5-hour training in Zürich about iPhone development!

That Mobile Programming Mess

Let’s be honest. 3 months ago I said that it wasn’t a good time to be an iPhone developer.

Welcome to the new akosma software website!

A new template on our preferred blogging platform, a couple of tweaks here and there – one of the advantages of working on an open-source platform – and a thriving business landscape.

Mention on StackOverflow (2)

Comment by JT on question “technical way of managing files – grouping files in xcode” in StackOverflow.

iPhone Apps without Objective-C

Yes, it’s possible. Even if Objective-C is one of my preferred programming languages, in any case I think it’s worth mentioning that, 2 years after the official iPhone SDK has been announced, the iPhone development landscape has really grown up, and many, many different options are available today.

Roundup of iPhone App Sketchbooks

Nailing down the idea, the navigation and the UI of your next killer iPhone application is as important (if not more) as writing good code.

Roundup of Swiss Companies Writing Mac Apps

A lot has been said and done about the iPhone, but there’s much more to Cocoa and Objective-C than our beloved pocket device.

JAOO iPhone Dev Days 2009 Zürich

Last week’s JAOO iPhone Dev Day was a big success. Featuring Raven Zachary, Alex Cone, Jonas Schnelli, Patrick Bönzli and Patrick Linskey and yours truly, the event gathered many attendees interested in the capabilities of the iPhone for their businesses.

About the JAOO Conferences

This week I had the opportunity to attend the JAOO Developer Conference 2009 in Århus (Denmark), invited by Trifork, the company behind this and other fine events, like QCon and RubyFoo.

Interview on the Tages Anzeiger

Wie man mit dem iPhone Geld verdient, interview by Roger Zedi published in the Tages Anzeiger (download the PDF file with the printed article).

iPhone and Mac OS X Developer Conference Roundup

Here’s a quick review of the most important iPhone and Mac OS X developer conferences I’ve found on the web (in no particular order).

Review de Notitas sur L'Express.fr

“Notitas, IM+, Old Booth Premium” par Tardis Girl; review de Notitas sur L’Express.

Lift Conference iPhone Application

“Lift on your iPhone”, article by Laurent Haug in the Lift Conference website.

Slides, slides, slides

I’ve been doing presentations for a while now, so I decided to open a SlideShare account to publish all the slides I’ve created over the past 5 years.

Copenhagen Slides Available

Another quick post to announce that I’ve published the slides (and sample application) I’ve shown last week in Copenhagen; feel free to download them from the projects section!

Article on SonntagsZeitung

Der Programmierer Adrian Kosmaczewski aus Lausanne arbeitet bereits seit knapp drei Monaten mit einer Vorabversion des Betriebssystems.

Mention on Christer Østergaard's Blog

A talk on iPhone development" in Christer Østergaard’s blog. Had the pleasure of seeing Adrian Kosmaczewski perform an excellent and enthusiastic presentation about iPhone development Thursday evening.

Speaking in Copenhagen and Zürich

Just a quick post to tell you all that I’ll be speaking tomorrow evening (August 27th, 2009) in Copenhagen (Denmark) in the free JAOO Geek Night organized by the great team of Trifork.

Notitas Press Release

Press release on prmac.com, Breaking Windows, TechWhack, MacCrazy, AppPodcast, 148apps, WPZines, MacTrack, MacMegasite, Desinformado, iFones, AppleUsers.

Muchas Notitas, Muchas!

Notitas is available at an App Store near you! Notitas means “small notes” in Spanish, and it’s the fourth iPhone application under the akosma brand, and the first based on an original idea of my dear wife!

RooiFonts Press Release

Press release on prmac.com. akosma software is pleased to announce RooiFonts 1.

New iPhone Apps: RooiFonts and DeviceDNA

Let me introduce to you RooiFonts and DeviceDNA, the latest iPhone apps by akosma software on the App Store!

bluewoki on ITWire.com

Walkie-talkie program hits App Store Article by Stephen Withers published on ITWire.

bluewoki Press Release

akosma software is pleased to announce bluewoki 1.0, a simple and fun Bluetooth peer-to-peer walkie-talkie for iPhone OS 3.

Risk Management in iPhone Projects

Let’s be frank: it’s not the best time to be an iPhone developer right now.

Code Organization in Xcode Projects

Xcode does not impose any structure to your source code tree.

Objective-C Compiler Warnings

A recent comment by Joe D’Andrea in a previous post reminded me about the importance of removing compiler warnings in Xcode projects.

bluewoki - Bluetooth Walkie-Talkie for iPhone OS 3.0

The first iPhone application under the akosma brand has just been published on the App Store:

Interview sur Le Temps

Interview by Anouch Seydtaghia published in Le Temps (download PDF of the website article or the PDF of the printed article).

Video Interview on TUAW

Interview by Brett Terpstra published by The Unofficial Apple Weblog.

Interview on the SonntagsZeitung

Interview by Barnaby Skinner published on the SonntagsZeitung (download the PDF scan of the article).

Article on the Tages Anzeiger

Zum Umdenken hat Apple selber aktiv beigetragen, indem der Konzern das iPhone im Sommer 2008 für aussenstehende Entwickler öffnete und auf die extreme Geheimhaltung der früheren Jahre verzichtete.

Mention sur Webd

Published in Webd. Dans ce dernier cas de figure, il existe maintenant une solution: nib2objc.

Another Mention on StackOverflow

I’ve used Adrian Kosmaczewski’s iPhone Rest Wrapper with success.

Mention on Mauro Del Rio's Blog

Published on Mauro Del Rio’s blog. I just read an interesting post on Cocoa with Love, and I discover an interesting tool to make my life easier: Now I can create my UI with IB, and the tool will convert it to a .

Mention on Matt Gallagher's Blog

Published on Matt Gallagher’s Cocoa With Love. Layout of the content in code is probably the weakest part of the approach I’ve presented.

Mention on ArsTechnica

Article published by ArsTechnica. A handy open source utility by Adrian Kosmaczewski allows you to convert Interface Builder files to Objective-C code.


This is the big, secret iPhone application project I’ve been working on for the past 9 months.

iPhone SDK 3.0: A New Beginning

Last year I blogged about the upcoming SDK 2.0 for the iPhone 3G, and boy did it change my life.


(Somehow this project seems to me so simple, that I’m sure someone has done this before.

Mention on StackOverflow

Quote appeared in Stack Overflow. Hope Adrian Kosmaczewski’s work can save your time from reinventing the wheels: http://github.

Mention on iPhoneFlow

Published in iPhoneFlow. Adrian Kosmaczewski presents 10 code-driven iPhone memory management tips.

10 iPhone Memory Management Tips

Memory management in the iPhone is a hot topic. And since I’m talking about it on tonight’s monthly meetup of the French-speaking Swiss iPhone Developers group, I might as well share some tips here from my own experience.

The Dirty Little Secret of iPhone Development

This is happening right now, at a web agency near you.

iPhone Conference 2008: a bit of magic!

This is the talk I gave last Friday during the first edition of the iPhone Conference 2008!

iPhone Conference 2008 Teaser 2

Teaser #2 for the iPhone Conference in Geneva.

iPhone Conference 2008 Teaser 1

Teaser #1 for the iPhone Conference in Geneva.

Interview sur com.in Magazine

Interview by Victoria Marchand, appeared in the October 2008 issue of com.

Interview sur IB com Magazine

Interview by Marie-José Jones, published in the June 2008 issue of IB com magazine (download the PDF scan of the article).

Mention on Second Gear Software's Blog

Published on Second Gear Software blog. In a few weeks, the most hardcore of the Apple faithful, the developers, will be descending upon San Francisco for this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference.

Mention on TUAW

Article published on The Unofficial Apple Weblog. Okay I promise this is that last time I’m talking about the WWDC schedule (I can’t speak for my confreres).

I want one

Anyone knows when are these coming to Switzerland?

Mention on Matt Gemmell's Blog

Published by Matt Gemmell. Hmm. It’s taken 4 years for me to realise that iCal Birthday Shifter shares an acronym with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.