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The Argentine Brain Drain

Argentina is currently experiencing a brain drain so strong that it made the headlines on Swiss television.

The End of the Tunnel?

From a Swiss perspective it would be easy to think that the COVID-19 crisis is reaching its end.

Thirty Years

As the taxi rushed away from my old home along Avenida del Libertador, I looked through the rear windshield for one last time.

How to Desperately Suck at Cliches

I was born in Argentina. This fact, all by itself, provides a rather unlimited amount of smiles in every person I meet.

20 Moments of Argie Paleomarketing

For the past 4 years I’ve been sharing old argentine advertising campaigns on Twitter, with the meme “Moment of argie paleomarketing brought to you by akosma™®©”.

20 Years Ago

Exactly 20 years ago, on Wednesday February 20th, 1991, my mother and I arrived to Geneva, Switzerland, from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The Very Quick and Sloppy Guide to Argentine Rock

From Wikipedia: The Argentine rock movement was truly one of the first non-English forms of rock to be commercially successful outside its own nation.

Argentina Has Its Own Linux Distro

And it’s called UTUTO: UTUTO es una distribución de GNU/Linux, denominada en referencia a una lagartilla o Geco así­ conocido en el norte de Argentina