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Going to Buenos Aires? Here to Help You

What follows is a set of recommendations I always give to those going to Buenos Aires; although there’s very little tango and football (or soccer, if you’re American), as I personally don’t dance (tango or any other dance, really) or play football.

El Imperio Contraataca

On the early afternoon of Saturday, January 3rd, 1981, my mother took the 7-year old me to the “Atlas Belgrano” cinema in Buenos Aires (near the corner of Cabildo Avenue and Juramento street) to watch the recently released “The Empire Strikes Back”.


Cholila is a little town in the province of Chubut in the middle of Argentine Patagonia inhabited by around 2000 souls. It is mainly known for its National Barbecue Festival and because Butch Cassidy lived there for a while.

Editorial Kapelusz

One day, on a rainy Saturday evening in the autumn of 1989, I taught myself derivatives and integrals. Yes, I know, I didn’t have many friends back then, talk about peak nerd stuff.

The Argentine Brain Drain

Argentina is currently experiencing a brain drain so strong that it made the headlines on Swiss television.

The End of the Tunnel?

From a Swiss perspective it would be easy to think that the COVID-19 crisis is reaching its end.

Thirty Years

As the taxi rushed away from my old home along Avenida del Libertador, I looked through the rear windshield for one last time.

How to Desperately Suck at Cliches

I was born in Argentina. This fact, all by itself, provides a rather unlimited amount of smiles in every person I meet.

Rogelio Suárez y La Vida Peligrosa

Acabo de publicar mi primer novela en castellano, titulada “Rogelio Suárez y La Vida Peligrosa”. Esta disponible en Leanpub. El arte de tapa y las ilustraciones dentro del libro son obra de la increíble y talentosa Yohanna Etchemendy.

20 Moments of Argie Paleomarketing

For the past 4 years I’ve been sharing old argentine advertising campaigns on Twitter, with the meme “Moment of argie paleomarketing brought to you by akosma™®©”.

20 Years Ago

Exactly 20 years ago, on Wednesday February 20th, 1991, my mother and I arrived to Geneva, Switzerland, from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The Very Quick and Sloppy Guide to Argentine Rock

From Wikipedia: The Argentine rock movement was truly one of the first non-English forms of rock to be commercially successful outside its own nation.

Adrian Paenza

Me acuerdo de haber visto a Adrian Paenza en la television, cuando yo era pibe en Buenos Aires, alla por los ‘80; escucharlo en la radio o en la tele, hablando de futbol o de cualquier otro deporte, era parte de la cultura televisiva del domingo a la tarde, cuando pasaban los resultados deportivos y se acababa el fin de semana.

Argentina Has Its Own Linux Distro

And it’s called UTUTO: UTUTO es una distribución de GNU/Linux, denominada en referencia a una lagartilla o Geco así­ conocido en el norte de Argentina

Tato Bores en Busca De La Vereda Del Sol

Monologo N° 2000 - Domingo 9 de setiembre de 1990 - 21 horas 30 minutos.