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Fortune Apps

As part of my work in VSHN, I lately prepared a set of demo applications ready to be containerized and deployed in our new product APPUiO Cloud.

Polyglot Conway

My personal project during the pandemic was Conway, a project providing implementations of Conway’s Game of Life in as many programming languages as possible.

The Developer Guide to Migrate Across Galaxies

This is the presentation I gave at the second App Builders Conference in Lausanne, Switzerland, April 25th, 2017.


ImageMagick is a cool toolkit; not only it's a complete set of command-line applications, ported to Windows, Mac and Linux, supporting hundreds of different image formats, it's also a C++ library that you can use in your own applications!


Did you knew this is possible in C++? I didn’t.

Blow Your Mind

Take a careful look at this.

Code Coverage Using gcov

I’ve just uploaded a code coverage test project, using the gcov GNU tool.

Reducing Code Entropy

This is a rant: I am tired of seeing virtual methods implemented in child classes that, at some point or another, call the method of the same name in the base class.

Preferred Programming Languages

There are basically 5 languages that I really like. For several reasons.

Two New Projects

I’ve just published two more recent wxWidgets projects, always testing new features!

BirthdayCard Project

I have just created a project page for the BirthdayCard Project.

The Power of Open Source

I’m just giving the finishing touches to my wxWidgets + SQLite + CppUnit personal project, all written in standard C++, and compiling in Mac, Windows and Linux as well.

Calculator Project

I have just posted a page in the site, about a recent project I’ve done, implementing a simple stack-based calculator, similar to those HP ones: it is called Calculator, and you can find it under the Project pages.

About Cross Platform Unit Testing

A lot has been said about unit testing à la JUnit in C++; the most interesting article about the subject is without any doubt Exploring the C++ Unit Testing Framework Jungle, By Noel Llopis, with a thorough comparison of the most important C++ unit testing frameworks out there:

A New Programming Language Every Year

Somewhere I read that it was a good thing to learn at least one new programming language every year; I think I have kept up that trend since 1992:

About code and eggs - excuse me?

The purpose of this article is to show that the current trends in software development owe a lot to ancient mindsets, and that some good old Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) programming constructs are no longer accepted in modern business development scenarios.