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About Remote Conferences

As the pandemic starts challenging all aspects of our life, I tweeted my personal opinion about software conferences in a thread.

JAOO iPhone Dev Days 2009 Zürich

Last week’s JAOO iPhone Dev Day was a big success. Featuring Raven Zachary, Alex Cone, Jonas Schnelli, Patrick Bí¶nzli and Patrick Linskey and yours truly, the event gathered many attendees interested in the capabilities of the iPhone for their businesses.

About the JAOO Conferences

This week I had the opportunity to attend the JAOO Developer Conference 2009 in í…rhus (Denmark), invited by Trifork, the company behind this and other fine events, like QCon and RubyFoo.

iPhone and Mac OS X Developer Conference Roundup

Here’s a quick review of the most important iPhone and Mac OS X developer conferences I’ve found on the web (in no particular order).

Slides, slides, slides

I’ve been doing presentations for a while now, so I decided to open a SlideShare account to publish all the slides I’ve created over the past 5 years.

iPhone Conference 2008: a bit of magic!

This is the talk I gave last Friday during the first edition of the iPhone Conference 2008!

iPhone Conference 2008 Geneva

Those of you who have been following this blog for the past years know that I have somewhat reduced my “writing rhythm” these days, and many factors have caused this.