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How to Speak, by Patrick Winston

I’ve been recommending this talk a lot lately to people new to the art of speaking, who find themselves all of a sudden boosted to the front stage of an event and in dire need of help.

The Last Day of a Tech Conference

Have you ever stayed until the end of a conference, and walked down the halls of the conference center during the last day of an event?

Memories of WWDC 2008

Exactly 15 years ago, on Monday, June 9th, 2008, I published a blog post with a picture taken in the big room of the Moscone conference center in San Francisco, waiting for Steve Jobs to introduce the iPhone 3G to the world at the annual Apple World Wide Developers’ Conference 2008.

How to Use Demo Magic

My colleague Tobru recently pointed me to demo-magic, and I now seriously wonder how could I ever do a live demo without this.

Comments about the AWS Serverless Workshop

Yesterday I attended the AWS Swiss Cloud Day (what a fantastic event!) and participated in the workshop about Serverless computing taught by a very competent team lead by Magdalena Gargas and Scott Gerring.

How to Use a Microphone

At some point in your professional speaking life you will have to hold a dynamic microphone in your hands in front of an audience, just like a rock star. Not only should you be aware that it’s not a pepper mill, there’s a few more things to keep in mind while using them.

About Remote Conferences

As the pandemic starts challenging all aspects of our life, I tweeted my personal opinion about software conferences in a thread.

Learning Swift

Notes written while Swift was being released to the world.

New Swiss Conference: GOTO Zürich!

We are proud to participate in the first GOTO Zürich for Developers + GOTO Zürich For Leaders Conferences as one of the sponsors!

Mobile JavaScript Application Development Book Launch Event in South Africa

I’m very glad to announce that our friends of [immedia] in Durban, South Africa, will be hosting a launch event for our latest book “Mobile JavaScript Application Development”!

Attending WWDC 2012

Next week I’ll be attending the 2012 edition of WWDC in San Francisco!

SwissJeese 2012 Slides, Code and Pics

Last Saturday took place the first edition of SwissJeese in Bern!

Talking at SwissJeese 2012

I’m very proud and happy to announce that tomorrow I’ll be talking in the first edition of SwissJeese!

This week: Mobilism 2012 Amsterdam

This week we are very happy to announce that will be attending the 2012 edition of Mobilism Amsterdam organized by Peter-Paul Koch (of QuirksMode fame), Krijn Hoetmer and Stephen Hay!

Vidéo de la Présentation de Sencha Touch 2

Voici la vidéo de la présentation de Adrian à propos de Sencha Touch 2, lors de la réunion du groupe JavaScript Genève le 28 mars dernier.

Tonight in Geneva: Introduction to Sencha Touch 2

Tonight Adrian will be presenting Sencha Touch 2 to a select group of JavaScript fanatics!

Swiss App Awards 2012 Winners!

We proudly present the winners of Swiss App Awards 2012:

Tonight is Swiss App Awards 2012 Night!

We are thrilled to remember you that tonight will be held the ceremony of the first Swiss App Awards!

This week: QCon London 2012!

This week, akosma software will be in London hosting the Cross-Platform Mobile Track of QCon London 2012!

Swiss App Awards Nominees!

The jury of the Swiss App Awards has just published the official list of nominees in each category!

GOTO Copenhagen 2012: Call for Speakers!

I am very happy to announce that I will be the host of the Mobile Technologies: Native + Web track of GOTO Copenhagen 2012!

QCon London 2012: Cross-Platform Mobile Track Announcement!

The Cross-Platform Mobile Track of QCon London 2012 is ready to be announced!

Swiss App Awards: Don't Forget!

The deadline of the Swiss App Awards is approaching! Don’t forget to submit your application using the form before January 15th!

Swiss App Awards 2012: Submit your app now!

I’m honored to announce that I will be part of the jury of the next Swiss App Awards 2012, to be held in Zürich, on January 27th, 2012!

QCon London 2012: Call for Papers in the Cross-Platform Mobile Track

Just like last year, I am thrilled to announce that I will be the host of the Cross Platform Mobile track in QCon London 2012!

Attending SenchaCon 2011

We are very happy to announce that next week we will be attending SenchaCon 2011, the most important event of the year around the Sencha frameworks.

"jQuery Mobile: multiplatform mobile webapps" by Maximiliano Firtman!

Invisible GmbH and akosma software are thrilled and excited to present the talk “jQuery Mobile: multiplatform mobile webapps” by Maximiliano Firtman at Hub Zürich on Friday, October 21st at 18h, with the sponsorship of /ch/open.

Speaking at the Mobile Developer Summit in Bangalore

I am thrilled to announce that I will be speaking at the Mobile Developer Summit in Bangalore, India, on November 2-3!

Resumen del Foro de Tecnología de CAINCO

(Para el comunicado de prensa original, siga este link) Foro de tecnología de CAINCO:

Foro de Tecnologia en Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, el 16 de junio

El 16 de junio tendré el privilegio y el honor de exponer a propósito de aplicaciones móviles en el Foro de Tecnologia “24/7 al alcance de tus clientes” que se llevará a cabo en los edificios de la CAINCO en Santa Cruz de la Sierra, en Bolivia.

"Introduction to iOS Software Development" Video on InfoQ!

The “Introduction to iOS Software Development” session, part of the mobile track at QCon London 2011 last March, including the full one-hour long video & slides, is available at the InfoQ site!

Presentation at OOP 2011

This is the presentation I’ve given in the OOP Conference 2011 in München, Germany: “Introduction to iOS Software Development”.

Presentation at QCon London 2011

This is the presentation I’ve given in QCon London 2011: “Introduction to iOS Software Development”

Presentations at SDC 2011

These are the presentations I’ve given at the Scandinavian Developer Conference 2011 in Göteborg, Sweden: “Integrating iOS Applications with Backend REST Services” and “Mobile Web Rising”.

Talking at the Scandinavian Developer Conference 2011

Next week I’ll be speaking at the Scandinavian Developer Conference 2011!

Conferences 2011: OOP, QCon and SDC

2011 has just started and we already have a couple of exciting news: we are humbled and thrilled to announce our participation in some awesome conferences throughout Europe!

Talking at the EPFL Today

Today at 1400 CET Adrian will be talking at the world-famous Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), giving an introduction to iOS development to students.

QCon London 2011: Call for Papers in the Mobile Track

I am honored to announce that I will be taking part in QCon London 2011, but this time not as a speaker, but as host of the mobile track!

Soft-Shake 2010

Voici l’annonce officielle de la conference Soft-Shake 2010: Agilité, iPhone et Java voilà les trois thèmes de la conférence Soft-Shake qui se tiendra pour la toute première fois le 18 octobre 2010 à Genève.

JAOO Workshop: Building your first iPhone Application

This morning I’ve had the immense pleasure of guiding many students in Århus, Denmark, in taking their first steps with iOS, the iPhone, Xcode and Interface Builder.

JAOO 2010

It’s that time of the year again: JAOO 2010 is getting closer, with sessions and workshops from Sunday October 3rd to Friday 8th.

"Dev Day for iPhone" sur Le Temps

«Face à cette demande, il manque des développeurs pour iPhone en Suisse.

Rezonance First: Panorama et enjeux du marché des applications iPhone

Voici les slides de la présentation que j’ai donné hier dans le cadre du Rezonance First “Applications iPhone: il est temps de s’y mettre!

Applications iPhone: il est temps de s'y mettre!

Le prochain mercredi 16 juin j’aurai le privilège de partager la scène avec Marco Scheurer de Sen:te, Surane Ragavan de abonobo, et Bertrand Baeriswyl lors du séminaire First “Applications iPhone: il est temps de s’y mettre!

WWDC 2010

Folks, it’s that time of the year once again: WWDC 2010 is around the corner!

Mobile Advertising, by Edipresse

Yesterday I attended this month’s Mobile Monday meeting in Bern, and among all the presentations, the best ones (in my opinion, they were outstanding) were those of Nicholas Heller from Google and Marc Lamarche from Edipresse.

iPad for Developers Presentation

This is the presentation about the new features in iPhone OS 3.

iPhone Apps Development in Berne @ the University

Apple Switzerland just sent the following e-mail, which, I was informed, can be publicly disclosed.

iPhone and iPad Developer Contest: win an iPad!

As a part of the DevDay for iPhone in London and Geneva you will have the chance to win one of three iPads!

Mobile Marketing: Branding Seminar in Zürich – Save 15%!

Aberla is organizing a Mobile Marketing & Branding Seminar in Zürich, on Tuesday, April 27th, 2010, from 1300 to 1800, at the Renaissance Hotel, Thurgauerstrasse 101, Zurich.

iPhone Dev Day in Geneva on April 28th

Those of you who have been following me for long might remember an article I wrote in my personal blog two years ago (in French, translated here):

Skills Matter Presentation

Yesterday’s presentation in the Skills Matter meeting is available in Slideshare!

Talking at the Skills Matter Meeting in London Next Week

Preparing the path for the amazing iPhone Dev Days 2010 in April, next week I’ll be giving some tips and tricks about iPhone development, in London!

Mention on Patrice Neff's blog

“Yahoo! Blueprint for mobile sites” in Patrice Neff’s blog. The past few days I created a mobile site for Memonic.

Upcoming Conferences: SDC in Göteborg and iPhone Dev Days in London

2010 will be for akosma software, without any doubt, the year of the conference.

Webtuesday: Mobile App Frameworks

I had great fun yesterday at Liip‘s offices, during the monthly Webtuesday meeting.

Two conferences and one training

This week I will spend a good deal of time in one of my preferred cities: Zürich.

JAOO iPhone Dev Days 2009 Zürich

Last week’s JAOO iPhone Dev Day was a big success. Featuring Raven Zachary, Alex Cone, Jonas Schnelli, Patrick Bönzli and Patrick Linskey and yours truly, the event gathered many attendees interested in the capabilities of the iPhone for their businesses.

About the JAOO Conferences

This week I had the opportunity to attend the JAOO Developer Conference 2009 in Århus (Denmark), invited by Trifork, the company behind this and other fine events, like QCon and RubyFoo.

iPhone and Mac OS X Developer Conference Roundup

Here’s a quick review of the most important iPhone and Mac OS X developer conferences I’ve found on the web (in no particular order).

Slides, slides, slides

I’ve been doing presentations for a while now, so I decided to open a SlideShare account to publish all the slides I’ve created over the past 5 years.

Mention on Christer Østergaard's Blog

A talk on iPhone development" in Christer Østergaard’s blog. Had the pleasure of seeing Adrian Kosmaczewski perform an excellent and enthusiastic presentation about iPhone development Thursday evening.

Speaking in Copenhagen and Zürich

Just a quick post to tell you all that I’ll be speaking tomorrow evening (August 27th, 2009) in Copenhagen (Denmark) in the free JAOO Geek Night organized by the great team of Trifork.

Best WWDC Ever

… and WWDC 2009 is finally over. This year’s event has been nothing short of amazing; maybe because not only the technologies presented blew my mind, but also because I met and spent some time with incredible guys, and getting in touch with the right people changes everything.

WWDC 2009: a message for Scott Forstall

I won’t go into details into all the stuff shown during the keynote; this is just a single comment for Scott Forstall: STOP THE BLOODY DEMOS.

WWDC 2009

I arrived to San Francisco yesterday night, after a dreadful connection in Frankfurt (note to self: to never, ever again book connecting flights with less than 90 minutes in between) and a great flight accross Greenland and Canada.

iPhone Conference 2008: a bit of magic!

This is the talk I gave last Friday during the first edition of the iPhone Conference 2008!

iPhone Conference 2008 Teaser 2

Teaser #2 for the iPhone Conference in Geneva.

iPhone Conference 2008 Teaser 1

Teaser #1 for the iPhone Conference in Geneva.

Interview sur com.in Magazine

Interview by Victoria Marchand, appeared in the October 2008 issue of com.

iPhone Conference 2008 Geneva

Those of you who have been following this blog for the past years know that I have somewhat reduced my “writing rhythm” these days, and many factors have caused this.

WWDC 2008 Keynote Main Points

The keynote is over, and I’m on the 2nd floor of the Moscone Center sipping a coffee and thinking about all the stuff that Steve and his team just presented:

I was there!

As promised, here I was.

Sunny WWDC

Comparing Lausanne to San Francisco is a straightforward experiment: By the way, I’m in SF.

Mention on Second Gear Software's Blog

Published on Second Gear Software blog. In a few weeks, the most hardcore of the Apple faithful, the developers, will be descending upon San Francisco for this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference.

Pourquoi Pas?

Pourquoi ne peut-on pas avoir des conférences comme celle-ci, avec des mini-events comme celui-ci en parallèle en Romandie?

WWDC Schedules in iCal Format

For those attending WWDC, and wanting to have the module complete schedule in iCal (as suggested by TUAW), I’ve created a small script (using Prototype) that will transform the JSON data of the official WWDC schedule into calendar files, which you can save and load into iCal.

Mention on TUAW

Article published on The Unofficial Apple Weblog. Okay I promise this is that last time I’m talking about the WWDC schedule (I can’t speak for my confreres).

WWDC 2008: I'll Be There!

I’ve just bought my e-ticket for Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference 2008!

Barcamp Lausanne 2

Just a quick post to announce that I will be speaking next Saturday at the second Barcamp Lausanne.

Geneva Techdays 2006 Powerpoint Slides

Well the PowerPoint slides that I used during the TechDays 2006 conference have been published in the TechDays page.