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Stockholm Syndrome in Software

Developers working for a particular vendor tend to develop a bizarre version of Stockholm syndrome. It’s something I’ve witnessed at least twice in my career.

How to Use Demo Magic

My colleague Tobru recently pointed me to demo-magic, and I now seriously wonder how could I ever do a live demo without this.

How to Use a Microphone

At some point in your professional speaking life you will have to hold a dynamic microphone in your hands in front of an audience, just like a rock star. Not only should you be aware that it’s not a pepper mill, there’s a few more things to keep in mind while using them.

On Being a Generalist

There is a lot of discussion online these days about the relative benefits (and drawbacks) of being a generalist software developer.

Live Streaming

Lately, I’ve started to stream some live events on YouTube on behalf of VSHN.

How to Write a Programming Book

Writing a programming book is not very complicated, to be honest: it just consists of putting one word after another.

About Remote Conferences

As the pandemic starts challenging all aspects of our life, I tweeted my personal opinion about software conferences in a thread.

Introducing the Teaching Editor

We are very happy to introduce our latest open source project: the Teaching Editor.

About the JAOO Conferences

This week I had the opportunity to attend the JAOO Developer Conference 2009 in Århus (Denmark), invited by Trifork, the company behind this and other fine events, like QCon and RubyFoo.

Pourquoi Pas?

Pourquoi ne peut-on pas avoir des conférences comme celle-ci, avec des mini-events comme celui-ci en parallèle en Romandie?