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On Documentation

In my career I’ve seen lots of teams struggling, not only to get their software out of the door, but much more often (even if successful in the previous step) to have a decent level of documentation next to it.

Reusing Apps Between Teams and Environments Through Containers

This was my speech for the WeAreDevelopers Container Day on February 3rd, 2021. The talk will feature a live demo showing how to build, optimize, and distribute containers to be reused in as many environments as possible, 100% based on the experience of the VSHN team.

Somebody Call an Asciidoctor

Markdown is a great thing; but nothing beats Asciidoc for complex documentation projects.

Refactoring iOS Projects

Presentation given in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine, on July 16th, 2016. In this session we are going to learn simple yet effective techniques to refactor large iOS codebases in order to make them more testable, to adapt them to be eventually rewritten in Swift, and to make them as “future proof” as possible.

Markdown FTW

Markdown is my new favorite tool. It all started while looking for alternatives to LaTeX to write documents and booklets, because since the release of the iPad last year, I wanted to publish in PDF and in EPUB format at the same time, and LaTeX does not offer that option off the box.

Objective-C Compiler Warnings

A recent comment by Joe D’Andrea in a previous post reminded me about the importance of removing compiler warnings in Xcode projects.

Adding Manpower

Published in 1975, “The Mythical Man-Month” is considered an all-time classic in the software engineering field.

Factors of Software Project Quality

I strongly consider that the following three items are of high relevance for software project quality:

Web Development is Software Development

I have been developing web applications since 1996, and I still do a fairly large amount of web development nowadays.

Offshoring Quality

IT offshoring is a highly controversial topic nowadays; organizations from medium to large sizes choose to have their projects developed overseas, usually in countries where the cost of software development is lower than in Western Europe, Japan or North America.

Reducing Code Entropy

This is a rant: I am tired of seeing virtual methods implemented in child classes that, at some point or another, call the method of the same name in the base class.