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Fedora 38

In December 4th, 2005, I published my first blog post about Linux. I wrote it on Ubuntu 5.10 “Breezy” after installing it on my faithful iBook G3. Many years have passed, and I’ve become a full-time Linux user now, having used no other operating system in the past 5 years.

Firefox Extensions

Everybody uses Chrome, but I don’t; Google is too powerful already, no need to feed the beast anymore. At most, I have a copy of Chromium installed, as a last resort. Because I’m a faithful Firefox user, and of course I install many extensions in it. Here are some of those that I systematically add to every computer I use.

Various Flatpak Tips and Tricks

I use Flatpak a lot, on my work and personal laptops. I had to find a few tips and tricks to make it work the way I wanted, using all the apps I prefer.

Linux Package Manager Strategy

There are quite a few package managers available in Linux, and it’s hard to figure out which one to use for what.

Migrating from macOS to Linux

This is the story of how, after being a loyal macOS user for 15 years, I decided to start using Linux full-time.