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OpenShift Local CRC From Another Machine

During the preparation of my “Learning OpenShift” course for LinkedIn Learning, I used OpenShift Local (formerly known as “CodeReady Containers” or CRC) to demonstrate the various features of the platform from a developer’s point of view.

Opening Microsoft Access Databases on Linux

In the past few months I’ve been writing about my software archeology experiments, including how to convert old HTML code from 1999 to run in today’s browsers, how to run Macromedia Flash movies with Ruffle, or even how to run Java applets now that they aren’t supported anymore.

Recording Getting Started Guides on Linux

As I’ve said in the past, producing videos in Linux isn’t very straightforward or stable; it can be a bit of bumpy ride. But I’m stubborn, and Linux is the platform I want to use, so when I was tasked with the creation of “Getting Started” video guides for our products at VSHN, I used Linux to create them.

How to Use Demo Magic

My colleague Tobru recently pointed me to demo-magic, and I now seriously wonder how could I ever do a live demo without this.

How to Use a Microphone

At some point in your professional speaking life you will have to hold a dynamic microphone in your hands in front of an audience, just like a rock star. Not only should you be aware that it’s not a pepper mill, there’s a few more things to keep in mind while using them.

How to Write a Programming Book

Writing a programming book is not very complicated, to be honest: it just consists of putting one word after another.

How to Desperately Suck at Cliches

I was born in Argentina. This fact, all by itself, provides a rather unlimited amount of smiles in every person I meet.

Getting the Next and the Previous NSIndexPath Instances

Very often, when you work with UITableViewControllers driven by NSFetchedResultsControllers, that you want to get the “previous” or the “next” elements in the results controller.

Determining Delegate Object Method Call Order in Objective-C with NSProxy

This is a guest post + code, wrote together with Joe D’Andrea from LiquidJoe LLC!

A Proposed Architecture for Network-Bound iOS Apps

One of my most popular answers in StackOverflow is the one I gave to the following question: “What is the best architecture for an iOS application that makes many network requests?

How knowing C and C++ can help you write better iPhone apps, part 1

While learning how to write iOS applications, you will often encounter the phrase “learn C first”.

Migrating iPhone 3.x apps to iPad and iOS 4.0

Right now, creating Universal Applications for the iPod touch, the iPhone and the iPad is not really a straightforward task.

Objective-C Categories as Stylesheets

It is very important that iPhone and iPad applications use visual styles in a coherent way.

How to buy iPad apps outside of the US

So you flew and bought an iPad, you live outside of the US, and you would like to buy iBooks, Pages, Numbers and Keynote (as well as many other amazing apps) from your own country, huh?

10 Things Every iPhone App Designer Should Know

Design is a fundamental part of iPhone app development. It is, without any doubt, the difference between a crappy and a great application.

Code Organization in Xcode Projects

Xcode does not impose any structure to your source code tree.

10 iPhone Memory Management Tips

Memory management in the iPhone is a hot topic. And since I’m talking about it on tonight’s monthly meetup of the French-speaking Swiss iPhone Developers group, I might as well share some tips here from my own experience.

How to Count Words in Latex Files?

I am a big LaTeX fan, mostly thanks to my friend Cedric who introduced me to it ;) And I don’t regret it at all; there is simply no better way to create long, beautiful PDF documents, particularly during these times of dissertation writing!

How to Test Software Security?

Howard and LeBlanc give a very complete answer to this question in their classic “Writing Secure Code” book:

How to create a BibTeX file from a Delicious Library database

Well, you’re pretty much on your own for that :)

How to Grab or Capture Your Screen With Cocoa

Lately I got curious to know how could I grab the entire desktop of my computer, and save it into a file, or display it into an NSImageView component.

How to Install Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper in an Apple G3 iBook

After upgrading my good ol’ PC to Dapper, I proceeded to download and burn a copy of it for PowerPC systems, and I have managed to install it in my old faithful G3 iBook in dual boot, with Mac OS X 10.

How to Install the Linksys WPC54GS Wireless-G Network Adapter in Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper

“Dapper”, the new version of Ubuntu has been released yesterday! So I downloaded the ISO file, burn the CD down and proceeded to install it over my old Breezy Kubuntu installation.

How to Install the Linksys WPC54GS Wireless G Network Adapter in Ubuntu 5.10 Breezy

Well, that was a long title. My mother recently changed her 4-year old Dell Inspiron 4100 for a brand new iMac G5, so I took that old laptop (20 GB hard disk, 256 MB RAM) and, after backing up her data, wiped it completely and reinstalled it with the following configuration:

How to Install Ruby on Rails in Windows 2003

Great day; my first full Ruby on Rails application is up and running in production environment.