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Avoid These Things Because Insecure

Avoid all of these things with all your might, beware, don’t even think about it. You know it’s going to hurt. Stay away. You’ve been warned. Pay attention.

How to Use a Microphone

At some point in your professional speaking life you will have to hold a dynamic microphone in your hands in front of an audience, just like a rock star. Not only should you be aware that it’s not a pepper mill, there’s a few more things to keep in mind while using them.

Bad, bad flight.

It’s bad to be stuck on a plane next to a person who snores with a wide open mouth.

20 Moments of Argie Paleomarketing

For the past 4 years I’ve been sharing old argentine advertising campaigns on Twitter, with the meme “Moment of argie paleomarketing brought to you by akosma™®©”.

Les Gens Pensent Que Je Suis Tessinois - Part I

C’est sérieux, c’est toujours pareil. Apparemment j’ai un accent étrange, relativement difficile à placer, paraît-il.

Destrozando El Apellido

Aquí­ inicio la sección oficial de mis apariciones en la TV con apellidos destrozados!

I Hate You, Airline Industry

I hate flying. I hate airplanes. I hate airlines. I hate crews.

On the Importance of Yerba Mate in the Software Development Process

This paper will highlight the results of an extensive research conducted since the mid 90’s, on the effects of the consumption of beverages based in the plant known as Ilex paraguariensis, in the framework of software development process activities in South America and some small parts of Europe.

A Case for Compilers: a Fake Paper

This morning I said to myself; I should write something for my blog… but had no subject to write about; so I found a faster way: I went to http://pdos.


Acabo de mandarle este mensaje a una amiga, cuyo novio resbalo en la nieve y se jodio la muñeca:

My Favourite Comic Strips

Un Clemente del año 1977: Otro Clemente pero del año 1997:

Tato Bores en Busca De La Vereda Del Sol

Monologo N° 2000 - Domingo 9 de setiembre de 1990 - 21 horas 30 minutos.


L’histoire humaine est pleine de surprises. Prenons, par exemple, le cas tres particulier des “Multiplication des J”.