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Java Applets in 2023

I’ve explained recently how to display Macromedia Flash movies in 2023, using Ruffle; today we’re going to learn how to run Java Applets in your modern browser of 2023, without having to install Java. Yes, it’s possible.

Mobile Application Testing Book

Going through my archives I found a booklet I wrote 10 years ago, about testing iOS and Android mobile apps. I’m adding it to my Books page for the sake of memory, even though its contents are not at all relevant by today’s standards.

Yup, Still Learning a New Programming Language Every Year

I gave an update on this lifetime activity of mine in 2006, 2007, 2011, and 2013, and here we go for 2023.

Killer Apps

The D programming language lacked a “killer app” to break through. Another brilliant language suffered from this situation, objectively deserving a much better fate than the one it had; Smalltalk.

Fortune Apps

As part of my work in VSHN, I lately prepared a set of demo applications ready to be containerized and deployed in our new product APPUiO Cloud.

Polyglot Conway

My personal project during the pandemic was Conway, a project providing implementations of Conway’s Game of Life in as many programming languages as possible.

Visual J++

Once upon a time, there was a programming environment made by Microsoft called Visual J++.

Android for iOS Developers

Just published my new book: “Android for iOS Developers”. The world of mobile development is a ground in constant motion.

Still Learning One Language per Year

Quick update about my “one language per year” lifelong initiative:

Learning One New Language Every Year

Here’s an update of the current status of my “one language per year” lifelong initiative:

Not Exactly What I Meant

This is a rant. When I decided to leave behind all my years as a Microsoft developer and embrace open source, I wasn’t exactly thinking about this.

Now Wait a Second:

There was a time where programming in Java was funnier than it is today.

About Java

Are you scared of Java language change? Why? Java 5 introduced generics amongst many other items.

A New Programming Language Every Year

Somewhere I read that it was a good thing to learn at least one new programming language every year; I think I have kept up that trend since 1992:

The JAVA© Programming Language

Since I read a news article about Java©, on August ‘97, I wanted to know more about programming for the World Wide Web.