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Cross Platform Node.js Apps

Node.js projects are very much cross-platform, allowing your team to use any operating system they want to work on them.

Ham Is to Hamsters

I published my first web page in the server of my university.

Douglas Crockford

Around 2002 I found a small website created by a certain Douglas Crockford, in which he claimed that JavaScript was the World’s Most Misunderstood Programming Language.

AJAX Before Time

In 2002 I moved back to Switzerland, and found a first job as a developer in a company making a super expensive product nobody needed.

Server-Side JavaScript in 1997

Back in 1997 I was earning some cash writing Active Server Pages in that mutant programming language called VBScript.

Starting a Typescript CLI Project from Scratch

The JavaScript ecosystem has grown dramatically in the past decade. It has become so complex, that I’ve seen many new developers interested in the subject struggle to find out where to start.

Playing With HTTP Libraries

It’s fun to find out how to tackle the same task in different programming languages; in this case, it’s all about doing HTTP requests over a network: fortunately, there are networking libraries in virtually all major programming languages.

Javascript Tips and Tricks (4)

For the last article of this series, I’ll let Douglas Crockford do the talk :) This is an amazing video about the good and the bad parts of JavaScript, as seen by a guy that seriously, seriously knows his stuff: Douglas works in the YUI team at Yahoo!

Javascript Tips and Tricks (3)

How to organize code in “namespaces” When you use lots of libraries in your code, you can easily pick up a function name that corresponds to a pre-existing name in some library that you might have included.

Javascript Tips and Tricks (2)

Object-Oriented Programming in JavaScript Functions are also used to represent classes when doing object-oriented JavaScript.

Javascript Tips and Tricks (1)

As I said yesterday, JavaScript is the world’s most misunderstood language, which means that you must unlearn what you have learned.

Preferred Programming Languages

There are basically 5 languages that I really like. For several reasons.