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When James Patterson, one of the best-selling authors in the world, had the idea for “Honeymoon,” his 2005 novel, he started writing an outline.

The Agile Invasion

Something very big happened during the last 20 years: The Agile Invasion™®©.

Developers and Politics

Some thoughts around the tensions between technical and business teams. TL;DR: I do not offer a solution in this text for political problems in software organisations; I just want this article to help developers not to feel alone in this struggle.

Eight Steps To Build A Better Swiss Software Industry

The Swiss are the best at many, many different domains. Which is a rather surprising and seriously fantastic feat for such a small country with merely eight million people, divided in four quite distinct linguistic groups.

Developers, Learn To Say No

All change starts with a “No.” This morning I started my day with a dozen crashes all over the various devices that our technological life has sprinkled around us.