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Editorial Kapelusz

One day, on a rainy Saturday evening in the autumn of 1989, I taught myself derivatives and integrals. Yes, I know, I didn’t have many friends back then, talk about peak nerd stuff.

The Argentine Brain Drain

Argentina is currently experiencing a brain drain so strong that it made the headlines on Swiss television.


I have a bit of a trip with Fibonacci numbers lately; here are many things I’ve learnt about them lately.

Programmable Calculators

As far as I can remember, I have always been fascinated by computers.

Mathematics With Swift

The built-in support for Unicode variables and operators in Swift opens the door to some interesting experiments.

Adrian Paenza

Me acuerdo de haber visto a Adrian Paenza en la television, cuando yo era pibe en Buenos Aires, alla por los ‘80; escucharlo en la radio o en la tele, hablando de futbol o de cualquier otro deporte, era parte de la cultura televisiva del domingo a la tarde, cuando pasaban los resultados deportivos y se acababa el fin de semana.