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A Proposed Architecture for Network-Bound iOS Apps

One of my most popular answers in StackOverflow is the one I gave to the following question: “What is the best architecture for an iOS application that makes many network requests?

Playing With HTTP Libraries

It’s fun to find out how to tackle the same task in different programming languages; in this case, it’s all about doing HTTP requests over a network: fortunately, there are networking libraries in virtually all major programming languages.

Browsers' Multiple Connection Settings

I’m not such a “power user” when it comes to web browsing, and having good connectivity both at home and at work helps forgetting about tweaking the maximum number of TCP connections in my web browser.

Peer to Peer: An Overview

“P2P” or “peer-to-peer networking” is maybe one of the most controversial and interesting trends in the dawn of the new century; its complete decentralization challenges all definitions of private intellectual property and creates new technological, commercial and juridic challenges.

How to Install the Linksys WPC54GS Wireless-G Network Adapter in Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper

“Dapper”, the new version of Ubuntu has been released yesterday! So I downloaded the ISO file, burn the CD down and proceeded to install it over my old Breezy Kubuntu installation.

How to Install the Linksys WPC54GS Wireless G Network Adapter in Ubuntu 5.10 Breezy

Well, that was a long title. My mother recently changed her 4-year old Dell Inspiron 4100 for a brand new iMac G5, so I took that old laptop (20 GB hard disk, 256 MB RAM) and, after backing up her data, wiped it completely and reinstalled it with the following configuration:

Kubuntu 5.10 and the Linksys WPC54GS Wireless-G Network Adapter

OK, so this time I’ve tried to make the same I’ve described before, but for Kubuntu 5.

About Operating Systems and Networks

“The true operating system is the net itself” This phrase, common marketing argument in the late nineties, made me remind that in the eighties, Sun Microsystems’ founder, Scott McNealy, used the slogan “The Network is the Computer” to describe his vision.