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The Proton Suite

First, a mandatory disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post (there are none in this blog, btw), just me telling the story of how I became a happy Proton user during the past 5 years; I’m not affiliated with them in any way.

Adopting WezTerm

I’ve recently discovered WezTerm, also known as “Wez’s Terminal Emulator” by Wez Furlong, and I’ve adopted it completely, becoming my default terminal application.

FOSS in Developing Countries

The other day, I had friends in Bolivia asking me if they could install Windows on a laptop they got through an NGO that initially came bundled with Linux.


GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab; they are not the only solutions available to share Git repos with your friends and colleagues.

Memories of Centralized SCMs

It might sound incredible to younger developers out there, but there was a time when Git did not exist.

Our Open Source Projects

A quick reminder of our most popular open source projects on Github:

Introducing the Teaching Editor

We are very happy to introduce our latest open source project: the Teaching Editor.

Useful 3rd Party Extensions to CoreTextWrapper

Our CoreTextWrapper project in Github is certainly popular! Many developers have told us that they find it easier to approach Core Text using it, providing an easy learning path, showing the key concepts with an easy-to-use example.

nib2objc Featured on The Changelog

nib2objc has been featured recently in The Changelog, a blog about open source projects:

More nib2objc fun

There are many things that I wanted to do with nib2objc since day one, but of course sometimes you just don’t have the time to implement them all.

nib2objc updated

I’ve just committed version 1.2 of nib2objc to Github with the following enhancements:

nib2objc featured in Softpedia

As the title suggests: check out the official nib2objc page in Softpedia!

EasyTableView for iPhone Prototyping

Our first blog post of 2010 presents a tool that we’ve been using internally and that might be useful for other people.

Kevin Smith iPhone Application

I’ve just been notified by the nice guys from DenVog that the Kevin Smith iPhone application includes code from my Asynchronous UITableView sample, posted earlier this year.

Mention sur Webd

Published in Webd. Dans ce dernier cas de figure, il existe maintenant une solution: nib2objc.

Mention on Mauro Del Rio's Blog

Published on Mauro Del Rio’s blog. I just read an interesting post on Cocoa with Love, and I discover an interesting tool to make my life easier: Now I can create my UI with IB, and the tool will convert it to a .

Mention on ArsTechnica

Article published by ArsTechnica. A handy open source utility by Adrian Kosmaczewski allows you to convert Interface Builder files to Objective-C code.


(Somehow this project seems to me so simple, that I’m sure someone has done this before.

Mention on StackOverflow

Quote appeared in Stack Overflow. Hope Adrian Kosmaczewski’s work can save your time from reinventing the wheels: http://github.

That Nice Freedom of Modifying Software

One of the best learning tools I have found in my career is to take someone else’s code, and to modify it slightly to see what happens, to play with it, and eventually to release that code in this blog, or send it to the original author, fixing it somehow or adding some feature:


Should you ever have to work on a web application again, just don’t think about it twice; Ext is an amazing piece of free software, light-years away from anything you’ve seen before.

Why do I prefer OpenOffice, NeoOffice, or AbiWord?

I use OpenOffice (for Windows and Linux), NeoOffice (on the Mac) and AbiWord (in the three OSs) more often than Microsoft Office, and I many people recently asked me why.

Chupate Esta Naranja

el fundador de la “free software foundation”, el carismatico richard stallman, inventor de la licencia GPL, siempre usaba la expresion “free as in free speech, not as in free beer” cuando explicaba el concepto del open source.

Curso Acelerado De Unix, Linea De Comandos, Y Manejo Basico Del Tema Del Software Open Source, Para Artistas Liberados De Ventanas Colgadas Inutilmente

preparate unos mates, imprimi este mail y sentate con tiempo delante de la compu.

BirthdayCard Project

I have just created a project page for the BirthdayCard Project.

The Power of Open Source

I’m just giving the finishing touches to my wxWidgets + SQLite + CppUnit personal project, all written in standard C++, and compiling in Mac, Windows and Linux as well.

About Operating Systems and Networks

“The true operating system is the net itself” This phrase, common marketing argument in the late nineties, made me remind that in the eighties, Sun Microsystems’ founder, Scott McNealy, used the slogan “The Network is the Computer” to describe his vision.

New tools for open source developers - and others as well

The business of software is getting more and more complicated. In your path from coder to developer you might find the need to see if someone out there has already coded what you need, hopefully in an open source project with the right kind of licence for you to be able to reuse it.