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Five Years of De Programmatica Ipsum

Last Monday I published the 60th edition of De Programmatica Ipsum, also known as “DPI”, the “unusual magazine about programmers, code, and society, written by humans since 2018.” De Programmatica Ipsum has been published continuously every first Monday of each month since October 2018.

The Great Idea of Async Work

As I mentioned last week, I’ve been in this industry for exactly 25 years. I started my journey as a software developer on Monday, October 6th, 1997. I’ve had the opportunity of sitting down and writing code for a living for a quarter of a century!

Open Spaces

Somewhere in the 60’s, something terrible happened. Someone, out of hatred and ignominy, tore down the walls of his or her office, and showed to the corporate world a new way of working.

The Various Styles of Standup Meetings

The most visible star of the Agile galaxy is, without any doubt, the famous, the dreaded, the hyped, the all mighty standup meeting.


Programming is a very opinionated activity. Unfortunately, those opinions are seldom based on facts, and most of them are futile, and lead to stupid arguments on Reddit or Hacker News or the comments section of a blog.

The Agile Invasion

Something very big happened during the last 20 years: The Agile Invasion™®©.

The Developer Guide to Migrate Across Galaxies

This is the presentation I gave at the second App Builders Conference in Lausanne, Switzerland, April 25th, 2017.

Being A Developer After 40

This is the talk I gave at App Builders Switzerland on April 25th, 2016.

Welcome to the Company!

Many people have asked me why, when I was an employee, I used to change jobs so often.

Reflexions on the Software Business

There are basically two things you can do to earn a living when you write code:

Adding Manpower

Published in 1975, “The Mythical Man-Month” is considered an all-time classic in the software engineering field.

Factors of Software Project Quality

I strongly consider that the following three items are of high relevance for software project quality:

Rethinking the Corporate World

In Buenos Aires I’ve studied corporate management (I did, shame on me), and as part of that, I had to learn about all the different identified types of organizations: matrix-based, pyramidal, military, organic, etc.

My Bookshelf Part III

This is the third and last part of the article “My Bookshelf”, with the list of the books that I recommend anyone in the software engineering field to read.