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Mobile Application Testing Book

Going through my archives I found a booklet I wrote 10 years ago, about testing iOS and Android mobile apps. I’m adding it to my Books page for the sake of memory, even though its contents are not at all relevant by today’s standards.

Total Quality Management and Software

Total Quality Management is one of the founding pillars of modern mass-production economy, of which the software industry is by far the youngest (and most rebel) child.

Factors of Software Project Quality

I strongly consider that the following three items are of high relevance for software project quality:

How to Test Software Security?

Howard and LeBlanc give a very complete answer to this question in their classic “Writing Secure Code” book:

About Mercury TestDirector for Quality Center

Mercury TestDirector for Quality Center is an enterprise-class solution, recognized as one of the most complete and integrated software suites geared towards the management of testing- and quality-related activities.

The Explosion of the Columbia Space Shuttle

The explosion of the Columbia Space Shuttle uncovered several internal problems in the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Code Coverage Using gcov

I’ve just uploaded a code coverage test project, using the gcov GNU tool.

Users as Testers

Both users and black-box testers approach software with apparently similar attitudes; however, they have fundamentally different goals.