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Revisiting Ruby on Rails

I’ve blogged about Ruby on Rails quite a few times in the past 18 years. I’ve delivered lots of Rails apps, I’ve used it for my own company, and I have been a historic fan of Rails against all odds and against all opinions.

Back to Monoliths

So Amazon Prime Video (of all people!) published a blog post about how they’re returning to monoliths, relayed by DHH, generating lots of noise, to the point that even Dr. Werner Vogels himself, CTO at Amazon, had to pour some thoughts about the subject.

Killer Apps

The D programming language lacked a “killer app” to break through. Another brilliant language suffered from this situation, objectively deserving a much better fate than the one it had; Smalltalk.

Running akosma software

As I celebrate 25 years of work as a software developer, I look back at one of the most thrilling and frantic times in my professional life: those five years in which I worked as a freelance professional.

Elixir and Phoenix Framework

I’ve been learning a bit about the Elixir programming language lately, and for that I created a small app using the Phoenix Framework.

Text Editors for Work

There has been a particular text editor that defined each period of my career as a software developer.

Senbei 1.3 hits the App Store!

Our application Senbei has been updated to version 1.3! Senbei is the iPhone client of the popular Fat Free CRM application by Michael Dvorkin, written in Ruby on Rails.

A nicer cortito, courtesy of Zerofee

Those who follow me on Twitter are certainly aware of my endless sequence of shared links, some of them shortened using the akos.

iPhone Apps without Objective-C

Yes, it’s possible. Even if Objective-C is one of my preferred programming languages, in any case I think it’s worth mentioning that, 2 years after the official iPhone SDK has been announced, the iPhone development landscape has really grown up, and many, many different options are available today.

Interview sur IB com Magazine

Interview by Marie-José Jones, published in the June 2008 issue of IB com magazine (download the PDF scan of the article).

My First Django Project

So here it is, my first Django project: the gazillionth blog engine on the planet!

Deliver. Now.

Every time I talk with people about Ruby on Rails in Switzerland, I almost always get the same comments, no matter what is the background of the person I’m talking to:

Riding the Rails Again

It feels soooooo good to :) Let me introduce you to Parking Friend.

Application Frameworks

One of the most pragmatically influential changes in software development, since the late eighties, was the introduction of several object-oriented frameworks, in different programming languages.

About Corporate Politics

Politics are part of our daily life. Nevertheless, the word has got a bad reputation in the IT world (and elsewhere, too), thanks to famous failures and managed disasters, but the truth is that to succeed, projects need politics - and project managers should know it well.

Not Exactly What I Meant

This is a rant. When I decided to leave behind all my years as a Microsoft developer and embrace open source, I wasn’t exactly thinking about this.

Preferred Programming Languages

There are basically 5 languages that I really like. For several reasons.


I came accross this interesting posting on The .NET Addict’s Blog.

Starting Again

So here we go again. They say that the only constant thing is change.

Quick Comparison of C# and Ruby

I have been working as a software developer since 1996, and as such I’ve used a variety of different languages, both compiled and interpreted.


Apple has published an article about Ruby on Rails in the Developer Connection website!

Get the Facts - I Mean, Get Them

If you enjoy Microsoft PR material, you may find this “Get the facts” page somewhat interesting.

The Technical News of the Day

Ruby on Rails goes 1.0; read the announcement!


After having received a comment from Steven Ross I saw in his website a reference to RadRails.

How to Install Ruby on Rails in Windows 2003

Great day; my first full Ruby on Rails application is up and running in production environment.

Inversion of Control, Ruby and Rails

Next week I will be in Belgium working with the Thales team in Brussels, building a new software solution (for a customer of the public sector that I cannot disclose here) using the following technologies: