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Fortune Apps

As part of my work in VSHN, I lately prepared a set of demo applications ready to be containerized and deployed in our new product APPUiO Cloud.

Polyglot Conway

My personal project during the pandemic was Conway, a project providing implementations of Conway’s Game of Life in as many programming languages as possible.

Del.icio.us to Wordpress

I’ve just uploaded a new project on Github called delicious_wp: it’s a small Ruby script that simply fetches the items stored in del.

Playing With HTTP Libraries

It’s fun to find out how to tackle the same task in different programming languages; in this case, it’s all about doing HTTP requests over a network: fortunately, there are networking libraries in virtually all major programming languages.

Null References

There’s an interesting discussion going on these days on Ruby blogs about, basically, how to avoid one of the most common, annoying, easy-to-create bugs in any programming language: calling a method on a null reference (or pointer, depending on your language).

Deliver Now

Every time I talk with people about Ruby on Rails in Switzerland, I almost always get the same comments, no matter what is the background of the person I’m talking to:

Riding the Rails Again

It feels soooooo good to :) Let me introduce you to Parking Friend.

Preferred Programming Languages

There are basically 5 languages that I really like. For several reasons.

How to create a BibTeX file from a Delicious Library database

Well, you’re pretty much on your own for that :)

Quick Comparison of C Sharp and Ruby

I have been working as a software developer since 1996, and as such I’ve used a variety of different languages, both compiled and interpreted.


Apple has published an article about Ruby on Rails in the Developer Connection website!

The Technical News of the Day

Ruby on Rails goes 1.0; read the announcement!


After having received a comment from Steven Ross I saw in his website a reference to RadRails.

Inversion of Control, Ruby and Rails

Next week I will be in Belgium working with the Thales team in Brussels, building a new software solution (for a customer of the public sector that I cannot disclose here) using the following technologies:

Thin as a WEBrick

Estuve probando un nuevo lenguaje de programacion que no conocia: Ruby.