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Avoid These Things Because Insecure

Avoid all of these things with all your might, beware, don’t even think about it. You know it’s going to hurt. Stay away. You’ve been warned. Pay attention.


Early in the morning of Friday, May 5th, 2000, we were starting yet another day of work at our office in the neighborhood of Olivos, north of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Priorities are different for everyone. In my case, it was catching up with the tech news of the day. For others, it was opening their e-mail.

Password Hashing in Django

This technique can be useful when migrating applications from Django to ASP.

Creating Self-Signed Certificate in Windows

Follow these instructions to create a self-signed certificate in Windows.

How to Test Software Security?

Howard and LeBlanc give a very complete answer to this question in their classic “Writing Secure Code” book: