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Going to Buenos Aires? Here to Help You

What follows is a set of recommendations I always give to those going to Buenos Aires; although there’s very little tango and football (or soccer, if you’re American), as I personally don’t dance (tango or any other dance, really) or play football.

The Last Day of a Tech Conference

Have you ever stayed until the end of a conference, and walked down the halls of the conference center during the last day of an event?


My life rebooted in July 1996; the day I decided to drop out from college, to get my driving license, to start going out at least twice a week, and to take a sabbatical from everything. Yes, I pretty much took all of those decisions at the same time.


Cholila is a little town in the province of Chubut in the middle of Argentine Patagonia inhabited by around 2000 souls. It is mainly known for its National Barbecue Festival and because Butch Cassidy lived there for a while.


It has been hard for me to think about anything else than the Russian invasion of Ukraine since last week; it is also hard for me to write about it.

Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates on Stage

I have had the chance to attend keynotes by Bill Gates and Steve Jobs in person; their styles couldn’t have been more different. Here’s some memories from both. Of course I did not meet or talk to them; this is just my experience as another attendee in the room.

Bad, bad flight.

It’s bad to be stuck on a plane next to a person who snores with a wide open mouth.

Guia Irresponsable Y Atorrante Para Conocer Nueva York

El otro dí­a escribí­ esto para una amiga que está por viajar a Nueva York, y me gustó, así­ que aquí­ va.

Dubai. Babel.

Volviendo de Sudafrica con Clau, hicimos escala en Dubai, esa ciudad mitica, la que surgió en el desierto en solo 20 años, la del rascacielos mas alto del mundo, y que se yo cuantos superlativos mas.

I Hate You, Airline Industry

I hate flying. I hate airplanes. I hate airlines. I hate crews.


When I was a student in university, I used to work in Geneva Airport, aka GVA, as a part-time luggage handling employee, an “auxiliaire” as we were called, in a now extinct company once called Swissair.


en suecia, al menos en göteborg, hay luces en cada ventana.

Sunny WWDC

Comparing Lausanne to San Francisco is a straightforward experiment: By the way, I’m in SF.

Felicidades De Inmigrante

Este es un mensaje para SpinDoctor: en Ginebra se consigue Mantecol!