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Elixir and Phoenix Framework

I’ve been learning a bit about the Elixir programming language lately, and for that I created a small app using the Phoenix Framework.

Polyglot Conway

My personal project during the pandemic was Conway, a project providing implementations of Conway’s Game of Life in as many programming languages as possible.

First Web App in Rust

My exploration of Rust continues; this week, I rewrote a Python Flask application I use for demos at work.

AJAX Before Time

In 2002 I moved back to Switzerland, and found a first job as a developer in a company making a super expensive product nobody needed.

HTTP Headers, Web Apps and Mobile Safari

I found today that Mobile Safari, the browser bundled with the iPhone, has a very strange and annoying behaviour when it comes to web apps.

iPhone Apps without Objective-C

Yes, it’s possible. Even if Objective-C is one of my preferred programming languages, in any case I think it’s worth mentioning that, 2 years after the official iPhone SDK has been announced, the iPhone development landscape has really grown up, and many, many different options are available today.

Basic vs Digest

In the series of highly boring posts ;) here’s another one; in this case, a simple explanation of two different authentication protocols available in the HTTP standard.

Django Architecture Approaches

I’ve just had a very interesting conversation with my colleague Marco about different approaches to the organization of code inside a Django application.

Browsers' Multiple Connection Settings

I’m not such a “power user” when it comes to web browsing, and having good connectivity both at home and at work helps forgetting about tweaking the maximum number of TCP connections in my web browser.

Web Development Software Development

I have been developing web applications since 1996, and I still do a fairly large amount of web development nowadays.

Google Everywhere

It all started with the search engine. I think it was sometime back in 2000, while I was working in Argentina.

Do-It-Yourself, Now and Then

Beginning 1998, nearly 9 years ago, I created this tool at my former employer’s site.