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Running akosma software

As I celebrate 25 years of work as a software developer, I look back at one of the most thrilling and frantic times in my professional life: those five years in which I worked as a freelance professional.

Migrating from WordPress to Hugo

I’ve been migrating old blog posts (2004-2014) to this blog lately, and you can find them by clicking the “Next” button at the bottom of the index.


I started my first blog in December 2004. But that was not my first website.

Markdown FTW

Markdown is my new favorite tool. It all started while looking for alternatives to LaTeX to write documents and booklets, because since the release of the iPad last year, I wanted to publish in PDF and in EPUB format at the same time, and LaTeX does not offer that option off the box.

Del.icio.us to Wordpress

I’ve just uploaded a new project on Github called delicious_wp: it’s a small Ruby script that simply fetches the items stored in del.


I am a big WordPress fan. And I do not suffer from the NIH syndrome.

WordPress 2.8 and the get_link() error in line 647 of dashboard.php

Wow, that's a long title, but it should drive people with this problem right here.

600th Post and Mobile Version

This is the 600th post in this blog! It all started with this post written in the airport of Buenos Aires, coming back to Switzerland.

wp-super-cache problem? Easy fix

I’ve just installed the excellent wp-super-cache plugin to accelerate things a bit in this blog; today somebody sent one of my pages to reddit and I’ve had more users than usual!

That Nice Freedom of Modifying Software

One of the best learning tools I have found in my career is to take someone else’s code, and to modify it slightly to see what happens, to play with it, and eventually to release that code in this blog, or send it to the original author, fixing it somehow or adding some feature:

Posting Remotely... From Google Docs and Spreadsheets!

Posting from Google Docs & Spreadsheets … This is a test posting from what used to be Writely, the online word processing tool; it turns out that you can use it to publish in your blog, just using the API that is exposed by Wordpress!

Starting Again

So here we go again. They say that the only constant thing is change.