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Migrating from WordPress to Hugo

I’ve been migrating old blog posts (2004-2014) to this blog lately, and you can find them by clicking the “Next” button at the bottom of the index.

Text Editors for Work

There has been a particular text editor that defined each period of my career as a software developer.

How to Write a Programming Book

Writing a programming book is not very complicated, to be honest: it just consists of putting one word after another.

Joplin for Note Taking

Note taking is very important to me. I keep everything in my notes, from ideas for blog posts like this one, to code snippets, to web pages, to plans of never started businesses, and so much more.

A Compilation of Old Blog Posts

Looking inside some old archives I came across my first attempt at a book.

Touch Typing

Probably the single most important skill that has always helped me when dealing with computers is the ability to type without looking at the keyboard.

Markdown FTW

Markdown is my new favorite tool. It all started while looking for alternatives to LaTeX to write documents and booklets, because since the release of the iPad last year, I wanted to publish in PDF and in EPUB format at the same time, and LaTeX does not offer that option off the box.

Olé, olé, olé

I just stumbled into this amazing TED talk by Elizabeth Gilbert via James Duncan Davidson (@duncan in Twitter) and I want to share it with you with some very personal thoughts below.

How to Count Words in Latex Files?

I am a big LaTeX fan, mostly thanks to my friend Cedric who introduced me to it ;) And I don’t regret it at all; there is simply no better way to create long, beautiful PDF documents, particularly during these times of dissertation writing!

How to create a BibTeX file from a Delicious Library database

Well, you’re pretty much on your own for that :)

Starting Again

So here we go again. They say that the only constant thing is change.