Adrian is a regular speaker, panel moderator, and host at developer conferences in English, French and Spanish. Discover and download Adrian’s slides and presentations at his SpeakerDeck. Watch many of his past talks on YouTube. Featured in the Code Conf iOS application.

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Major Conferences

Here is a short list of major events where I’ve spoken in the past 18 years.


  • "Managing Fleets of Kubernetes Clusters with GitOps", presentation at Hiphops Automation Week, January 2024 (website, slides, video, and Q&A session)


  • "Deploying Kafka (or Redis or PostgreSQL or…) with AppCat", presentation at the Cloud Native Computing Switzerland "Fédéral Edition Basel", June 2023 (website)

  • "DevOps in Switzerland from 2018 to 2022" presenter and panelist at the "State of DevOps in Switzerland 2023" event, June 2023 (website, video and slides).

  • "Getting Started with AppCat", tutorial video, April 2023 (video)

  • "Getting Started with APPUiO Cloud", tutorial video, April 2023 (video)

  • "Getting Started with K8up", tutorial video, April 2023 (video, website).

  • "Introduction to K8up", Cloud Native Computing Switzerland Meetup, February 2023 (website, video and slides).

  • "Creating Products through DevOps: The Story of VSHN", presentation at Conf42: DevOps 2023, January 2023 (website, video and slides).


  • "Everyday Life of an Open-Source Company: the Story of VSHN", presentation at the Swiss Re TEC conference, October 2022 (slides).

  • "Getting Started with Project Syn", tutorial video, July 2022 (video, website).

  • "Creating a Product through DevOps: The Story of APPUiO Cloud", Berner Architekten Treffen, June 2022 (website, speech and slides).

  • "Migrating Kubernetes to GitLab Connections from Certificates to the Agent", Switzerland GitLab Meetup, April 2022 (website, video and slides).

  • "Understand the Hype: Kubernetes in 60 Minutes", webinar, February 2022 (website and video).


  • "Introduction to Kubernetes & Rancher", webinar, December 2021 (website and video).

  • "DevOps - Plus d’agilité et de sécurité pour les logiciels | Utilisation et gestion de Kubernetes sur Exoscale", talk at The Future of Swiss Cloud event in Geneva, Switzerland, November 2021 (link and slides).

  • "Micro-Service Architekturen mit Kubernetes und PaaS-Lösungen", Open Source Roundtable at the BIT, Bern, Switzerland, November 2021 (slides and speech).

  • "Introduction to Project Syn", talk at the Cloud Native Romandie Meetup, October 2021 (video and slides).

  • "Using and Managing Kubernetes on Exoscale", talk at The Future of Swiss Cloud 2021, Interlaken, Switzerland, October 2021.

  • "Kubernetes Configuration Management", talk for the Swiss Re TEC Conference, October 2021 (slides).

  • "Introduction to K3s", webinar, September 2021 (video and slides)

  • "Introduction to Airlock Microgateway 2.1", webinar, August 2021 (video and slides).

  • "The Rancher Advantage", webinar, June 2021 (video and slides).

  • "2022 : l’année de tous les Clouds", MARKETING.21, June 2021 (website and slides).

  • "Integrating NGINX App Protect into DevOps Workflow with Git", webinar, May 2021 (video and slides).

  • "Exoscale & VSHN for Research", webinar, May 2021 (video and slides).

  • "The State of DevOps and Cloud Infrastructure in 2021", webinar, May 2021 (video and slides).

  • "Managing Kubernetes Clusters as Cattle with Project Syn", GIDS Live, April 2021 (slides and website).

  • "Reusing Apps between Teams and Environments through Containers", WeAreDevelopers Container Day, February 2021 (website, video, speech, and slides).


  • "DevOps with GitLab and Kubernetes", webinar, December 2020 (website and video).

  • "Migrating from OpenShift 3 to 4", APPUiO Beerup, November 2020 (website and slides).

  • "DevOps in the Enterprise" panel discussion moderator, WeAreDevelopers Live Week, October 2020 (video).

  • "Quick recap on KubeCon 2020 and update on Project Syn", Cloud Native Computing Switzerland Meetup, August 2020 (website and video).

  • "Docker and Kubernetes: the way to cloud native computing", webinar, May 2020 (video).

  • "How Syn can help you in your DevSecOps process", talk at the Zürich DevSecOps Meetup Group, February 2020 (website and slides).

  • "Rancher @ VSHN", Rancher Rodeo, Zürich, Switzerland, February 2020 (slides).


  • "NetApp Kubernetes Services", presentation at the NetApp Technology Forum, Lausanne, Switzerland, September 2019 (slides).

  • "Kubernetes Serverless Frameworks" Swisscom OpenShift TechTalk (slides):

    • Zurich, November 6th, 2019.

    • Zurich, October 23rd, 2019.

    • Bern, September 18th, 2019.

  • "The Greatest Unsolved Problem in the Digital Era", private corporate event, August 2019 (speech and slides).

  • "Introduction to K8up", Cloud Native Computing Switzerland Meetup, June 2019 (slides and website).

  • "Using GPUs in OpenStack and OpenShift Environments", talk together with Jens-Christian Fischer (SWITCH), hpc-ch forum on Cloud and Containers, University of Basel, Switzerland, May 2019 (website, slides, and video).

  • "A (Very!) Quick Comparison of Kubernetes Serverless Frameworks", Cloud Native Computing Switzerland Meetup, May 2019 (website).

  • "Refactoring Ourselves", closing keynote at AppBuilders, Lugano, Swizerland, April 2019 (video and slides).

  • "12 años de iPhone y iPad en 30 minutos", closing keynote at NSConf Argentina, Buenos Aires, Argentina, April 13th 2019 (in Spanish, website, slides, and speech).


  • "A Decade of iPhone & iOS in 40 minutes", closing keynote at UIKonf, Berlin, Germany, May 2018 (video and speech).

  • "A Quest for a Better World", closing keynote at AppBuilders, Lugano, Switzerland, April 2018 (video, slides, and speech).


  • "10 Years of iPhone", MCE Conference, Warsaw, Poland, May 2017 (video, slides, and speech).

  • "The Developer Guide To Migrate Accross Galaxies", AppBuilders, Lausanne, Switzerland, April 2017 (video, slides, and speech).

  • "Être Développeur après 40 ans", MiXiT, Lyon, France, April 2017 (in French, video, website, and slides).


  • "Server Side Swift: State of the Union", presentation at the first Swift Alps, Crans-Montana, Switzerland, November 2016 (slides, website).

  • "Making iOS Applications Accessible", Mobile Developer Summit, Bangalore, India, September 2016 (video, slides and speech).

  • "Refactoring iOS Projects", Mobile Developer Summit, Bangalore, India, September 2016 (slides and speech).

  • "Being a Developer at 40", opening keynote at the Mobile Developer Summit, Bangalore, India, September 2016 (slides and video).

  • "Refactoring iOS Projects", UMT 2016, Dnipro, Ukraine, July 2016 (video, slides, and speech).

  • "Being a Developer at 40", AppBuilders, Zürich, Switzerland, April 2016 (video, slides, and speech).


  • "Cocoa is the new Carbon: The Future of Apple’s Beloved Framework", Zürich, Switzerland, February 26th, 2015 (slides and speech).


  • "The Tao of Swift", Zürich, Switzerland, September 2014 (speech and slides).

  • "iBeacons" (slides, speech and code) at:

    • Durban, South Africa, October 28th, 2014.

    • Amsterdam, Netherlands, September 30th, 2014 (website).

    • London, United Kingdom, August 14th, 2014.

    • Leeds, United Kingdom, August 13th, 2014.

    • Zürich, Switzerland, May 26th, 2014.


  • "What’s new in iOS 7 for developers" (slides and code) at:

    • Zürich, Switzerland, December 18th, 2013.

    • GOTO Night in Eindhoven, Netherlands, November 20th, 2013 (website).

    • GOTO Night in Amsterdam, Netherlands, November 21st, 2013 (website).

  • "(short) Intro to Mobile Web App Dev", GOTO Berlin, October 2013 (slides)

  • Jury of the Swiss App Awards 2013, February 2013.


  • "Introduction to Sencha Touch 2", SwissJeese, Bern, Switzerland, June 2012 (slides).

  • "Présentation de Sencha Touch 2", at the JS Genève Meetup, March 28th, 2012 (in French, video, photos, and code).

  • Jury of the Swiss App Awards 2012, March 2012.

  • Host of the Mobile Technologies: Native + Web track of GOTO Copenhagen, Denmark, May 2012 (website).

  • Host of the "Cross Platform Mobile Applications" track at QCon, London, United Kingdom, March 2012 (website).

  • "Intro to Mobile Web Development", Immedia Open Night, Durban, South Africa, February 2012 (website).


  • "Integrating iOS Applications With Backend REST Services", at the Mobile Developer Summit 2011, Bangalore, India, September 2011 (video and website).

  • "Ten Commandments for iPhone Development", at the Mobile Developer Summit 2011, Bangalore, India, September 2011 (video and website).

  • "Mobile Web Rising", at the Mobile Developer Summit 2011, Bangalore, India, September 2011 (video and website).

  • "Introducción a las aplicaciones móviles", Foro de Tecnologia CAINCO, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, June 16th 2011 (in Spanish).

  • "Introduction to iOS Application Development", OOP 2011, Munich, Germany, January 24th, 2011.

  • "Introduction to iOS Application Development", Scandinavian Developer Conference, Göteborg, Sweden, April 2011.

  • Host of the mobile track, and presented "Introduction to iOS Software Development", at QCon, United Kingdom, March 2011 (website and video).


  • "Introduction au Développement d’Applications iOS", EPFL, November 2010 (slides).

  • "Accessing Web Services From iPhone and iPad Applications", JAOO, Aarhus, Denmark, October 2010 (website).

  • "iOS Application Development", JAOO, Zürich, Switzerland, August 2010.

  • Making of the digital2.0 iPad application, July 2010 (video).

  • "DevDay for iPhone", London, United Kingdom, June 25th 2010 (website).

  • "DevDays for iPhone", Geneva, Switzerland, June 23rd, 2010 (website).

  • "Panorama et enjeux du marché des applications iPhone", Yverdon-Les-Bains, Switzerland, June 17th, 2010 (slides).

  • "iPad for iPhone Developers" event, Zürich, Switzerland, April 2010.

  • "Tips and Tricks on Building Successful iPhone Apps", February 2nd 2010 in London, United Kingdom, at Skills Matter (video, slides and website).


  • WebTuesday event "Mobile Web Application Frameworks Overview", Zürich, Switzerland, December 2009 (website and slides).

  • "Ten Commandments for iPhone Software Development", JAOO iPhone DevDays, Zürich, Switzerland, October 2009 (slides).

  • "Tips & Tricks for iPhone Application Development", Trifork meetup, Copenhagen, Denmark, August 2009 (slides).

  • "Dix Commandements pour le développement d’applications iPhone", Développeurs iPhone de Suisse Romande, January 2009 (in French).


  • "How to put your company in people’s pocket?", iPhone Conference, Geneva, Switzerland, October 31st 2008 (video, Q&A, discussion, slides, and website).

  • "Software Quality", talk at the Lausanne Barcamp, March 2008 (in French) (slides).


  • "AJAX: A Gentle Introduction", internal presentation at my then employer for the development team, April 2007 (slides).


  • Talks at Microsoft DevDays, Genève, Switzerland, March 2006 (in French)

    • "Workflows dans SharePoint 3" (slides).

    • "Le Projet LINQ – Language Integrated Query" (slides).