Adrian has decades of experience teaching various programming subjects to practitioners all over the world:




  • Various internal training sessions held at VSHN AG, Zürich, Switzerland.


  • Various internal training sessions held at VSHN AG, Zürich, Switzerland.

  • "OpenShift" - private one-day introduction session for Swisscom staff, Zürich, Switzerland.


  • "Utilisation de Docker dans le milieu éducatif", workshop at the DIDAPRO 7 conference, Lausanne, Switzerland, February 2018 (website).


  • Workshop about Vapor (server-side Swift) & Docker at the second Swift Alps, Crans-Montana, Switzerland, November 2017 (website).

  • Taught various private courses as part of my activities in AKOSMA Training, in the subjects of iOS, web, and Android mobile app development in Zurich, Switzerland.


  • "Introduction to Android for iOS Developers" - private 5-day course for the development team of BCG Digital Ventures, December 2016, Berlin, Germany.


  • "iBeacon Training Course", 1-day course, Amsterdam, Netherlands, October 2014 (website).

  • "iOS 7 for Developers Training", 2-day introduction course, Amsterdam, Netherlands, June 2014 (website).

  • "iOS 7 for Developers Training", 3-day introduction course at SICPA, Lausanne, Switzerland, February 2014.


  • Workshop "Mobile Web App Development", GOTO Conference Berlin, October 2013 (website).

  • Internal training for Trifork staff about iOS app development, Århus, Denmark, August 2013.


  • "Introduction à Sencha Touch", 5-day training course held in Paris, France, November 2012.


  • "Mobile JavaScript Application Development" 3-day introduction course held twice in Zürich, Switzerland, together with Jens-Christian Fischer.

  • "Introduction à la Programmation iOS", 11-week training course for high school teachers; Haute École Pédagogique, Lausanne, Switzerland, February to May 2011.


  • Workshop: "Write your first iPhone App", JAOO, Aarhus, Denmark, October 2010 (website).

  • "Introduction à la Programmation iOS", 3-day training course for high school teachers; Murten, Switzerland, June 2010.


  • "Introduction to iOS Development" (3-day) and "Advanced iOS Development" (5-day) courses held for more than 400 engineers in various sessions, held in:

    • Zürich and Lausanne, Switzerland; London, United Kingdom; Munich, Germany; Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Copenhagen and Århus, Denmark; in collaboration with Trifork A/S.

    • Durban, Johannesburg, and Cape Town, South Africa; in collaboration with Immedia (website).


  • ".NET 2.0" - 3-day course for the IT staff of the Swatch Group, Biel, Switzerland.


  • "Introduction à l’Architecture de Software", training to my colleagues at Thalès, Geneva, Switzerland (slides)


  • "XML" - 3-day course for the IT staff of ABB, Geneva, Switerland.

  • "JavaScript" - 3-day course for the IT staff of a private bank in Geneva, Switzerland.


  • As a temporary trainer for Intersource, Geneva, Switzerland:


  • Introduction to web technology for the business team at the World Economic Forum, Geneva, Switzerland.